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she keeps her makeup on the shelf

hey, did you know blogger now has a built-in photos feature? so i guess i don't need flickr anymore. which is really the only reason i'm posting this picture, besides the fact that it cracked me up on the way to work this morning.

so, inspired by a food network show from the other night, i decided to try a bit of burger hacking tonight. i'm forced to call it a success.

they had an ingenious idea - stuffed burgers. you put different stuff inside each patty before you cook it - they had peppers, mushrooms, chili, cheese - and then cook it with the stuff inside. i decided to try crumbled bleu cheese. and i learned a lesson - you can't cook it too long or the cheese simply vanishes from the middle. it gets cooked into the burger itself - adding a very impressive flavor - but it leaves this empty space in the middle. oh well. once i have a real grill (read: not a foreman) it'll be easier to not overcook everything.

the other idea was mixing stuff into the ground beef. i generously added some montgomery inn bbq sauce and a little bit of red wine. it spiced the burger up, but made it really tangy, almost sweet. a nice touch. b commented that it was almost meatloaf-ish.

speaking of b... watching that boy work his magic with his new ladyfriend ("she's not my special lady, she's my f(*@^#* ladyfriend!" name the movie) is also inspiring. they just met last week and he's devising clever ways to ask her out... that seem to be having a very positive effect. i would go so far to say he's charming.


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