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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


ICP throw blankets are not punk rock

this is what happens, larry, when you review a stranger in the alps:

v for vendetta
orwell's myopic vision of a modern society stifled by its government is too important not to be adapted for today's audience, and this translation, while a little more hopeful and less depressing, was faithful to his concepts from 1984 - a ruling Party with an iron fist; 'Thoughtcrime' arrests for dissent from the government-sanctioned opinions; even Big Brother posters sitting in everyone's house and on every street. the original V was written as a criticism of Margaret Thatcher's British government in the 80's, but this version was peppered with refences to a failed middle-east conflict that spurred extensive chemical warfare led by 'religious extremists', and a defeated America fighting a civil war. and Natalie Portman's watery attempt at a British accent. that said, it was well written and executed, interesting, thought-provoking, with enough action, humor, suspense, and intelligence to make it worth watching for nearly anyone - and a must-watch for anyone who's thought about the role of government in our lives in the past ten years.

one concept stood out - greater than fear, or even love, is the truth. there is an objective, absolute truth that does not exist inside human perception, and as a result there is always a path outside of human emotion that can lead to freedom and that can destroy an oppressive agent. lies and FUD are powerful, but the truth is stronger.

mc lars - graduate

he calls his style laptop rap, but we all know it's nerdcore hip-hop, a la the front. lars' style is similar to mc frontalot, just as clever, although more poppy and less subtle. in fact the whole thing struck me as rather smug - and i'm someone who's usually oblivious to that tone. but he's got better producers and as a result is getting more popular than other nerdcore rappers like the front or optimus rhyme. i don't mean to compare him to so many other artists - so let me say that it's a fun listen, the guy's got some skills and some wit, and i doubt it'll get a fourth spin from me, it's just not that compelling.

b, steve and i talked about this after the movie tonight - anyone wanna check out this year's lebowski fest in louisville? i'm way too curious about what goes on there to pass another year up.


for this post

Blogger Rob Says:

oh man, the big lebowski festival....

i would be afraid that i would be "way out of my element" and that i would "have no frame of reference, like a kid meandering into a conversation."

Blogger ryanham Says:

What the hell does "rant" mean?

Blogger B-Call Says:

Never seen the movie. Always wanted to, but were just never around the right people when the time arose.
Count me in for the festival.


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