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wow, the office is empty today. guess thats what i get for working from home yesterday. cally had a good idea with the GnR yesterday, so i fired up some myself and it was marvelous. You Could Be Mine, such an underrated song. how can you not think of john connor tearing around on his little moped deal with the kid from diff'rent strokes?

btw, bravo to robert patrick in walk the line as johnny cash's dad. he's still a little too creepy to pull off redneck, though, even fifteen years after T2 (and the x-files stint).

yesterday saw some intriguing new PSP titles that i'm kind of stuck on. while i've heard that katamari damacy (katahada damahoocha?) is the sleeper hit of the decade, i haven't played it myself, and so i don't know if the PSP version me and my katamari will be entertaining. honestly it seems like a colossally stupid concept but enough writers that i respect have expressed positive feelings about it - heck there are homebrew t-shirts and customized checks and whatnot - that it sounds like it's worth a try.

we also got daxter, and i never played any of the jax & daxter games for the PS2. again, reviews say this one is a quality platformer, very enjoyable, so maybe it's worth the risk? although they also said coded arms was good.

then there's the capcom classics collection, which i would pick up for strider if i thought i'd play it for more than five minutes. i think i'm about done with arcade classic collections for a while.

side note - the godfather? i can't believe this game would be good at all simply because it's based on a movie and 95% of them are awful. is it GTA with some marlon brando voiceovers? it's been hyped for like a year now. metareviews look okay.

there's also worms: open warfare, which apparently is great when playing with other people, but sucks in single player mode. renee's birthday is next week, but i don't think she's craving a PSP. although lemmings is coming soon, one of her favorites...

maybe i should give gamefly a try. anyone got any experience with them? i can't imagine getting new releases will be anything different than getting them from netflix - long waits due to low supply.


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Anonymous Artie Says:

As you know, I'm applying for a couple of jobs that I'd take the bus down to a couple of times a week. I'm thinking about getting a PSP, any recommendations of must-have titles?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

the core system is $199 now, its a great deal. lumines is the best puzzle game i've played since tetris, its really the only must-have one i've found. megaman maverick hunter X is a port of the old megaman X for SNES, if you're into that. grand theft auto if that's your thing... burnout was really good... i hear great things about untold legends (hack & slash, kill monsters, etc) and viewtiful joe (anime-style fighting). midway arcade treasures had some great old arcade games, as does capcom classics...star wars: battlefront II... just to name a few.

Blogger Bragg Says:

Riding the bus is awesome. Take a journal and record funny things that happen. I got a summons to appear in court once because of a bus ride home. Or try reading a book. And a great book, not something that you are required to read. I can recommend some great reads...
Catcher in the Rye
Islands in the Stream
A Farewell to Arms
Flight of Passage
East of Eden
Teacher Man
The Poisonwood Bible

Blogger B-Call Says:

yeah, read.
cartoon porn
really any porn really.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

reading, feh. you english teachers always preaching about books. i can't blow anyone up or trash my car while reading. :)

btw you're supposed to hook me up with some hemingway, dude. you promised.

Blogger Bragg Says:

I did promise. I will bring you some Hemingway and it will blow your mind. You will never be the same again.

Blogger B-Call Says:


Anonymous artie Says:

Yeah, I read the bus for a bit while on co-op once. Loved it. I'm thinking I might be able to do this blog thing with that extra time too...we'll see, I don't even have an interview yet!

Blogger The Barber Says:

Justin this is a random comment, but I saw the most amazing Mac today. I know that is an oxymoron (spelling?). It had 2 tera-bytes of memory and 2 Gigs of ram (I know that isn't that impressive). It was a 19 inch widescreen and it was less than an inch thick. All the bells and whistles needed for any graphic design artist or photographer. It retails to the public for nearly $20,000. My brother was issued one from the Dayton Daily News now that he is one of the few that are next in line to becoming the big boss (Head Editor). I am not a huge fan of Macs, but this was a thing of beauty.
Artie I am not the biggest gamer and I don't know your position on sport games, but 2006 FIFA soccer is an excellent game.

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