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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


make you think it's poetry

thanks to the magic of gatorade, chicken noodle soup, and House i think i've recovered. now i'm just really hungry, as all of the stuff i consumed, kind of, er, escaped me this weekend. mmmm.

adrian's coming to hang out for a few days. dad's out of town and mom went down to florida for my grandmother's emergency bypass surgery... i've watched far too many medical dramas lately to feel optimistic about it. i know real life doesn't wrap itself up nicely and cleverly in 43 minutes.

it dawned on me that she had a really interesting life, got to live in a really important time and i never got to talk to her about it. for the brief portion of my life that i've been close to mature enough to appreciate those stories, i'd made myself too busy to actually foster those relationships. that needs to change.

i did finish rereading 1984. last time i read it i was in high school, barely comprehending the ideas, more startled and fascinated by the vision of the future. coming at the book as a scifi geek versus someone who cared about the political and social landscape. while i see the parallels that orwell drew in the late 40's when it was written, and some of our current government's actions reflect some of the principles he cautions against...

to put it briefly, orwell thinks that fear is a more powerful motivator than love. that our worst fears can exert more control over a human mind than our deepest love and intimacy. that a group willing to construct a society around control by terror and fear could never be overcome. it's a depressing vision, and not one that i'm convinced is a totally accurate representation of human nature.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

orwell's an idiot.
obviously he's never seen a woman who get's beaten by her cracked out husband every night stay with him because she's "in love".
come to work with me, i'll show you all the stupid stuff people do because they're in love.
that's one thing you learn in my line of work, you can predict just about anything except for the actions of people in love.
love is infinitly stronger than fear.
fear fears love.

Blogger Bragg Says:

go see V for Vendetta. You'll see that idea of fear trumps love every time. not that brian is wrong. i think there has to be some kind of separation between emotional love between people which results in doing some twisted things (at least from our perspective) and the kind of love which justin is referring to when it comes to the governing body. but you know that stuff b-call.

Blogger The Barber Says:

I believe the media and government shovel fear down our throats, but Love still conquers all. As you know love is not an emotion it's a lifestyle. Jesus loved everyone but He put up with more s#*! than any one in history. Lets be honest everyone lets you down once in awhile, but we are still motivated to put each others interests above our own even after they fail us. This is human nature. Fear will only cause problems if we stop communicating with our neighbors.

Anonymous Artie Says:

Two things. One, yeah, old people like our grandparents have seen a crazy amount of stuff. We were talking to Lisa's grandma last weekend and she was talking about what it was like during the depression, the end of segregation and whatnot, planes, TV, etc. Crazy the changes that generation has seen.

Fear vs. Love. Come on, there's never been a government interested in love! People in power have one motivation: to stay in power. Fear mongering is the easiest way to maintain that power. Wait until the next election cycle, and you'll see it all over again. There are no campaign commercials talking about loving your enemy. They're all about how the other guy will rape your family if you vote for him. Anyone who expects anything else is always going to be disappointed. That's why revolution against the world's systems is at the core of the Kingdom.

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