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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


aqualung, my friend

yep, 86 on monday, 46 on thursday, thank you southwest ohio.

hey so you know how finding unbiased information on election issues is next to impossible? media outlets are always biased one way or the other, organizations and special interest groups only talk about their agenda, and official campaign sites are nothing but propaganda?

i spent some time tonight with project vote smart, a library of election issues and candidate information. the voting records of candidates, their alignment with the SIG's, and a kind of 'issues exam' where the candidates outline their stances on a pre-defined set of topics in a fill-in-the-blank style form. silly useful in determining who you align with - unfortunately not enough of the candidates filled it out (Chabot banged it out, though). it also lists the state issues on the table, what they mean in plain english, and the for/against spiels on each. great place to get yourself ready for the election.

looking to preorder a wii? gamestop is starting preorders tomorrow when they open, until each store runs out. the PS3 preorder sold out in like ten minutes, so i'm anticipating the same type of turnout here. so go get one! just don't get in front of me at the store by my house.

go for the todd!


for this post

Blogger Bragg Says:

Sitting on a park bench....

I struggle with politicians. I still want you to run for something and I will gladly step on board with your campaign. You have to promise me that, no matter what, you have two platforms. One for Education reform (creating equal learning conditions for ALL students throughout the city, state, or nation-whichever level you are going to infiltrate), and also be a friend to General Aviation. No small airplane has the potential of creating a terrorist attack. A car will do more damage to a building or structure than a small airplane. Look at the damage done by a van in the basement of the WTC compared to the small airplane hitting a highrise. One a couple windows and some paint and two dead compared to the structural damage of a Nitrogen bomb. The truth is small airplanes don't have the capacity to carry that kind of weight if they want to leave the ground. Just my $.02.

...eyeing all the girls with bad intents....

Blogger Bragg Says:

Oh, and I haven't been able to justify dropping a C-note on a Cube. I want a Wii, but I don't think I can bring myself to pay the $250 for it.

Eh, who knows...

Blogger Nickolini Says:

Unfortunately, the lyric is "eyeing little girls with bad intents".....the "little" makes it much more disturbing....great song though.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Actually steve, not to pour some fuel on the fire, but a Dirty Bomb can consist of very light-weight items and is more effective the higher up it is exploded. So, in that vein, planes are more dangerous. Plus, planes can go anywhere, cars have to follow the road..mostly. The worry about planes isn't that they'll have a ton of standard explosives, but that they'll have one small yield nuclear device, and that's bad.

Blogger Bragg Says:

Okay, how much does one small yield weigh?

Example of aircraft I fly:
Weight of Aircraft = 1,173 lbs.
1 pilot = ~200lbs.
Fuel = 6lbs./gal @ full capacity = 180 lbs.
Cargo area limitation: 120 lbs.
Passanger with gun who has highjacked said airplane ~ 200lbs.
Total: 1,873 lbs

Max Take off weight: 1,680 lbs.

Something in that difference tells me the airplane ain't taking off. Lose the passanger, and you're just barely making it out. I mean, pray you don't have a strong headwind, the runway is long enough, and density altitude is sea level pressure. Still iffy.

Now, different airplanes with different catagory ratings have different useful loading capacities, but that doesn't change the fact that they are not effective in terrorist activities. If they were, then the terrorists would have stuck with GA airplanes instead of going to the heavy jets to do the deed in sept. long ago. Not to mention the cost it would have saved the jackasses who did it.

Blogger ryanham Says:

No one said that the plane had to be hijacked, and in all likelyhood, it wouldn't be.

A dirty bomb could weigh as much as 100 lbs, but will more likely be around 50 lbs. They fit into a briefcase and can be carried by one man.

Heavy jets sent the largest message, however, since that creates more immediate casualties.


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