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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


the voice inviting me away

no, not that gyro (darkwing duck = still superior)

recently i've been on the hunt for the best gyro in the city. i've settled on the best barbeque (no one's beaten the inn yet), the jury's out on local pizza (although i'm leaning heavily towards dewey's), and i've got far too much research left to do on burgers, club sandwiches, and steak.

anyway: so the three i've tried have been rombes, the only one close to my office, small sandwiches, not too much flavor; chicago gyros down in clifton, i went once a few years ago while living down there, and i don't remember them being memorable at all; and the mighty mythos downtown and in newport, huge sandwiches, lots of options, perfectly cooked meat. they've topped my list, until last night.

here comes a new challenger: sebastian's out in western hills. dave and jess recommended this place to us - a classic little joint on the corner of glenway and sidney, and proved to be a serious contendor to mythos. not as many options - mythos has like five different possible gyro configs, including the devastating mega that will make you bow your head in reverence. they'll even throw feta on their Gyro Supreme - something most other places don't dare experiment with.

the sebastian's gyro equals the standard mythos as far as the quality of the meat, fresh toppings, etc - both are very tasty - but sebastian's tzatziki cucumber sauce is slightly superior to mythos'. the sebastian's greek salad is also tastier, with much better dressing and fresher stuff.

right now they're about at a dead heat, with mythos still out in front simply because they fill me up better with a larger sandwich.

hey sweet: the wii virtual console will have commodore 64 games from EPYX. impossible mission will scare the crap out of a whole new generation, but i'm more excited about summer games. i played the crap out of that game as a kid, and i could school anyone at the high dive.

speaking of the wii - no, still no preorders - although it has become a psychological healing agent. last night the recurring dream was back - stuck in a high school building, late to class, no idea where i'm supposed to go, wandering around lost and frightened. however this time i walk into the gym, trying to find some math class, and i'm startled to see a few dozen projectors and wii demo units and people in lines. someone hands me a controller and i'm playing mario paint, and i forget all about being late to class. i woke up happy instead of terrified. thank you, wii.


for this post

Blogger Bragg Says:

I have to ask you to join me in Clifton for a second opinion of Chicago Gyro.

I only ask because, while I do like Mythos a bit more, C.G. is pretty good. Take a chance.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i'm there!

Blogger scott d Says:

OK... I won't promise that Goodies will become your BBQ fave, but if you haven't tried it, it's worth a taste. It's soul food, baby. Come on over to College Hill sometime, we'll walk down the street and get a "Hog on a Bun". It doesn't suck.

Anonymous Artie Says:

As I was reading I couldn't help but think of the buy Jerry plays tennis against in Seinfeld. I think his name was Mythos or something like that.

Seriously though, something better than the mighty Mythos, and in Western Hills no less. I'll have to check it.

Oh, and best burger: Zips.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

what a great episode - it was just on a week or so ago.


Blogger B-Call Says:

give me my ups. i told you to go to Sebastian's back in May when you wolfed down that gyro at the taste of cincy festival.
i told you they were the best.

"HEY EVERYBODY! Look at the baby! Jerry the little baby!!!" Great episode.

Blogger Simon Says:

Justin, I don't even know you! You can try to argue that Montgomery Inn has the best ribs (but you'll be wrong there too), but don't even come with that weak ass BBQ. That stuff sucks! You need to get out more often and have REAL SMOKED BBQ. If it ain't smoked, don't eat it. You're just gonna piss me off with that "Montgomery Inn has the best BBQ" crap. For real, you need help brother. Who else have you had? I for real want to kick you in the balls!

Blogger Bragg Says:

I remember mario paint vividly. we were so mature back then...

ah...skeet, skeet, skeet...skeet.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

simon - whoa there skippy, i was talking ribs / sauce. i don't really eat much pulled pork like you wackjobs. you can't give someone a shot to the pills over semantics - it's just not cool.

Blogger Simon Says:

Oh, I like kickin' in the balls! It makes me feel all warm and tingly inside!

Blogger B-Call Says:

yeah, that's what you said about me. "Brian, you make me feel all warm and tingly inside."

Blogger Justin Hall Says:


big ups to cally for his recommendation of sebastian's long ago. it was really like four people total telling me i needed to try them that made me head out there.

steve... thanks for that extra skeet, the effort is appreciated

Blogger ryanham Says:

Skeet skeet skeet?

Blogger B-Call Says:

what is this "skeet" you speak of? and where can I find some?


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