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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


it's like you read my mind

the red jumpsuit apparatus - don't you fake it

i had high hopes for this disc on the strength of face down, a regular on the ethel, but unfortunately it falls flat after the first four or so tracks. the rest of the disc is just recycled, uninspired filler, easily replaceable with any other screamo/hardcore band out there.

lego star wars II

i've got the PSP version of this and it's just plain fun. one or two frustrating parts so far due to poor coding and design (i.e. getting trapped in a corner by two AT-AT walkers), but they are few and far between. i've cracked up more than once at this game and i'm only three levels in to episode IV. very easy to pick up and play, assuming you leave your PSP on standby and don't turn it all the way off - the initial load time is ridiculous. great controls, flawless music and sound, lots of hidden stuff, and packed with humor all the way through. you try to make the destruction of Alderaan and the deaths of hundreds of millions funny - it's not easy.

since there's no interesting monday night football on tonight, be sure to check out aaron sorkin's new show studio 60... i saw the pilot from netflix last month and it is as stellar as it gets - funny, poignant, well cast, well written... it really is the west wing in hollywood. if you're not a WW fan, though, don't let it stop you - it has more to offer than just political & social commentary.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

yeah, I was upset with the load time of the Lego game. that's a crazylong time for a game to load up. and I though EA Sports games took forever on that thing. this game makes that seem quick. yikes.
thats kind of why i was leaning towards the DS version since i knew it wouldn't take so long.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

Jaylene and I just watched Studio 60. One episode and we are now hooked.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

brain, probably good you avoided the DS version, it's apparently buggy.


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