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glycerine and turbulence

so the details on the Wii are out. launch is november 19th - a sunday, weird - for $250, including one wiimote + nunchuck and Wii Sports. virtual console games will be available from the get-go: $5 for NES, $8 for SNES, $10 for N64. the only launch title i will likely pick up is Zelda:TP. maybe Red Steel. Metroid Prime 3 won't be out til next year, lame.

yes, i have checked, and no one's offering preorders yet.

the weekend of love is upon us. mikey's rehearsal tonight, dinner tomorrow, wedding sunday. saturday night is not only alright for fighting, but for seeing idlewild and potentially hitting up the amor de brazil all you can eat steakhouse, if i can talk peeps into it, it's a mite pricey. but it's the boy's last night as a single man, he should go out in style.

renee and i talked w/our pastor, chris, last night and leading the study is officially on. i think our first week will be september 28. both of us are excited, eager to get to know the people we'll be with (looking to be ~9 others total). i don't often venture spiritually with people i'm not super close with.


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Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah, I saw the price in the paper today...Who wouldn't buy one? That's like 1/2 the price of the 360 and PS3...AND I can play old school games on it man!

Dude, that A.Y.C.E. meat factory is here in cincy? The same one you went to in Chi-town? We're there dude! But for $45, it's almost tempting to have 10 people over my place and we all pitch in $10 and go to the grocery store and do it ourselves! And we can be naked while we make it!

Blogger B-Call Says:

Sorry dude, I'll be checking out this lineup on Saturday:
3:30pm- Auburn/LSU on CBS
ND/Michigan on NBC
Louisville/The U on ABC
8:00pm- Tennessee/Florida on CBS
USC/Nebraska on ABC
I'll be somewhere watching all of those games. Mainly at Simon's house in a pool with a stripper.


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