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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


never the optimistic one

the psp hasn't had a huge pile of quality releases lately... scratch that. there are quite a few titles that got good reviews - loco roco, some RPG's, ultimate ghosts & goblins (which i would pick up were it not for the recurring nightmares of the difficulty of the NES/SNES versions)... just nothing that looks appealing to me.

however in the next month or two we'll see lego star wars II - next tuesday, actually, and i hear it's brilliant; power stone collection, another compilation from capcom of their dreamcast cartoon fighting franchise that artie always schooled me in; and thank goodness, a new version of earthworm jim, one of the high marks in 2D platformers.

not much for the DS, though. a new castlevania that looks a bit too anime for my taste, and mario hoops 3 on 3 which apparently returns the mario sports franchise back to the old-school glory of mario tennis.

if you're a PA fan you'll be pleased to know their new book is finally for sale. i'm more excited for this one because they're getting into the era where their art and writing really started to shine.

going to the gym in a bit (week three is a success). renee and i have the afternoon free to hang out, and then mikey's bachelorette party tonight.


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Anonymous renee Says:

i'm looking forward to the new lego star wars...i go squee everytime i see the ad...thankfully i dragged the PS2 a week ago and been playing Urbz & FFX

Anonymous artie Says:

I had a handful of students last year that would go back to one of their houses and play power stone on an old Dreamcast for hours on end. Great game.


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