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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


a promise and an unmailed letter

picture me in the middle of my living room, wildly swinging a small plastic remote around, shouting at the TV. picture me five minutes later, passed out on the floor, renee rolling her eyes, with broken furniture strewn all around me.

the news is that Zelda for the Wii will now allow you to attack with your sword by swinging the controller around instead of pressing a button. naturally my first response was excitement, but the more i thought about it, the more concerned i got.

not that i don't need the exercise, mind you. but i'm being faced with a new paradigm here - no longer will things like boredom, sleep, work, or getting stuck on a tough level stop me from playing through a game straight through, as i would any new Zelda title. now we see the prospect of getting physically exhausted after an hour of playing a game. which will likely result in improved an physical condition, and i guess that's not a bad thing. i'm interested to see how true interactivity changes the landscape of gaming.

i'll definitely need a pile of towels next to the TV now. you thought i sweat a lot during mario tennis. maybe i should put down a tarp or something.

other exciting news: epyx games is back, and they are going to rerelease a new version of the classic impossible mission. i took it back out for a brief walk a few years ago and found it just as challenging as when i was younger. an updated version will knock the socks off of most of the gaming public, i think.

stay awhile... stay forever


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Blogger MikeE Says:

Two words: Mario Tennis

I've kinda been interested in the Wii. And I haven't had a gaming console since Super NES I think.

Blogger Simon Says:

You know what they have to do with Mario Tennis now don't you? The controller is your racket!

Sweat, my friend, sweat!


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