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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


the day i tried to win

i got asked to lead music for northminster's high school experience earlier in the week. it'd be just like doing music at young life, from what i understand... far be it from me to think i could follow in the mighty brooke trisler's footsteps there... i'm going to turn them down, unfortunately, because it's on sunday nights and i have new leader training and vandelay then and i'm committed to both of them.

thinking about it got me really excited, though. i guess deep down i do miss being in a place like that, relating to people in that context. i miss being a young life leader. NLT is just as good, different, an absolute blast. i could do it again pretty easily, i think - serving God in that way would energize me, light a passion in me that hasn't been there often since i left last year.

remember talking about worship and church a ways back? recently i've been exploring the music i have that drives me emotionally to reconnect with God, that makes me stop and smile and direct my thoughts heavenward. as much as i enjoy music it'd be silly to think that there wasn't plenty of it that led me to worship - it just doesn't happen to be the stuff they play at the 10am service at Lifespring. the repetitive, sugary acoustic-folk doesn't stop my breath like blindside, like matisyahu, like bob marley, P.o.D., further seems forever, playdough, crowder, five iron. i can be sitting here at work and i shuffle to Caught A Glimpse and it cuts a swath through the entirety of my being and God and I are talking all of a sudden. my mood changes, my heart races.

side note: please patch your windows machines today. this month's Microsoft security bulletin is chock full of remote code execution vulnerabilities. argh.


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Anonymous Artie Says:

I hear you. I miss YL sometimes too.

Blogger Davie Says:

i'm with you on worship music. the music that pushes me to talk to God or affects me spiritually is usually not worship music in church, and 90% of the time is "secular".


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