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renee asked me while we were in hilton head what my ideal vacation would be, and i realized we weren't too far off. cool the temperature about 15 degrees, give me wireless in the room and we'd be golden.



we hung out at the beach, the pool, and in the room. had some great crab and salmon, some so-so ribs, and explored the island, including the weird gated-community-thing that covered the entire south half. took out some jetskis during an afternoon. took a day trip to savannah, did a bus tour and took lots of pictures. watched you, me and dupree, a cookie-cutter date movie, predictable, cute, drawing a handful of chuckles. saw some fireworks and ate some italian at the tuesday night harbortown festival (good call simon & sarah).



our convertible wasn't a mustang. not even a sebring. nope, they gave us a golf cart. screw alamo. except that they hooked us up out of philly. they're cool again.


i could easily see going back there every few years - it was a perfect vacation spot, everything was easily accessable, close enough to civilization and far enough away from crowds, great weather, and cheerwine at a Kroger's. mikey, you need to get the ones up here to start stocking the best beverage concieved by man.


before i left, i noticed that USA had put the pilot for their new modern-day-sherlock-holmes show psych up on itunes for free download. i'm now hooked on the show. see these guys truly get it - take something with a decent amount of hype, give an episode away (that you can download and watch whenever) to the generation that, using the web, creates buzz faster than anyone ever has, and watch it take off. the show is clever, sharp, and completely hilarious, but i would have never bothered with it had they not given the first episode away for free. let's hope everyone else wakes up and catches on.

enjoyed our anniversary - renee got me a new dutch oven, which i used for my totally random chicken tonight; and a new + improved xm receiver with a much-needed tivo-esque pause/rewind/replay feature. she definitely knows her man.


for this post

Blogger Bragg Says:

let's see...

1. married people things
2. video gaming with the wife
3. vacationing
4. cool electronic gadgets as gifts
5. married people things
6. lowered insurance and better credit rating
7. married people things
8. permission to hang out with the guys when needed
8. married people things

you have no idea how jealous i am of you. you sir have hit the jackpot of all time.

i'm incredibly happy for you. happy anniversary buddy.

Blogger B-Call Says:

your wife got you a dutch oven???
sounds like its time to wash those sheets.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Yeah, the best gadget Jeri got for me ever was a pair of jeans.

She must not care about me...

I don't even get to buy gadgets for myself!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

indeed, i am incredibly blessed, word up. she even let me drink as much cheerwine as i wanted.

/lucky dude

Anonymous Artie Says:

Luck has nothing to do with it. You've made wise decisions and you're enjoying the results. Sure, the Big Man has had a huge hand in your life, but so have you. Way to be.


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