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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


steal the warm wind, tired friend

i kind of just assumed we'd have some free net access in the condo we rented down in hilton head. the brochure offers no mention of such amenities, though. i'm so used to the idea of firing up google whereever i am to find something to do, someplace to eat, etc. that the concept of making those kinds of plans before i left seemed foolish.

so we're either stealing wireless from our neighbors, driving to the one internet cafe i can find in the area, or dragging out a dusty old dialup account i'm sure i have laying around somewhere. wonder if my onenet account is still active, it's been a few years.

relaxing for some people = sitting on a beach with no connections to the world. relaxing for me = knowing i'm still in-the-loop, in case north korea or lebanon start dropping missiles on me while i'm playing in the ocean. reading a few daily feeds. able to blog if i have a really sweet story or something interesting to say. you know, since i'm such a pile of insightful commentary.

man, its gonna be hot and stormy down there all week. take that how you will.


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Blogger ryanham Says:

"Hot and stormy"


P.S.: I don't want to hear detailed accounts of how you made some "thunder and lightning" down there either.

Blogger MikeE Says:

If you need a onenet dialup account let me know. I got one :)

Blogger Austin Says:

hilton head is amazing

Blogger B-Call Says:

while you're that close, you best to hook it up at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah, GA.
And if you do, brings me back some crab cakes and pecan pie. Mmmm boy.


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