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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


said the pen to the dotted line

the espnzone across the street from the conference was empty when i walked in yesterday afternoon for lunch, so i ended up with a recliner seat in front of the projector screen to watch brazil tear up ghana. it may have taken the entire length of the first half of the game to get my caeser salad... but you don't go there for bang-up service or inexpensive food. it's worse than room service in that joint.

once again hamrick hits one out of the park with his recommendation of phillips' seafood restaurant. a pound and a half of crab legs and some cream of crab soup. guess its clear now that my allergy is gone. i headed back over at 7pm for a roundtable discussion on CVSS, and ended up back at the hotel at 9:30. i'm getting my bearings here, feeling much more comfortable at the conference and in the city in general.

hey, the crew game is saturday the 8th, not this sunday, i'm on drugs. and they're showing the final cup games in the stadium before the game. gonna head up with my sister (and potentially adrian) and check em out. i still wanna head up to check out the star wars exhibit at cosi, but i dont have a free weekend til the end of july, argh.


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Blogger Nickolini Says:

Justin....July 22 and 23 the wife and kids are out of town so I could go. Think those other losers can wait until then???

Blogger B-Call Says:

probably not. I know Simon and I are going somewhere this weekend.
Pittsburgh? St. Louis? Chicago? Milwaukee? Columbus? The burgh AND C-bus? StL, hicag AND "The Good Land"? The choices are endless.

Blogger Jeri Says:

Other good baltimore places:
-Capitol City Brewing Company
-Morton's of Chicago
-Ruth's Chris Steak House Water Street
-little Itiali:Della Notte Ristorante,Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory,Sabatino's Italian Restaurant



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