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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


went from lukewarm to hot

guess i'm not as intractable as i always thought i would be, walking into an apple store and purchasing a computer from them. there was the streak, the part of me that couldn't help but mock their arrogant self-importance, but another side of my psyche, the proverbial angel on my shoulder, tried to keep the former at bay. it was fairly successful - i did walk out with a new macbook, 2.0Ghz core duo, 1GB of RAM, "super" drive (their cute term for a DVDRW), and a shiny new ipod nano for renee (which was free, sweetness). the educator's discount was a great help, too, knocking a solid $400 off the total package, including tax exemption.

it was sold to us by katherine "robi" robinson, oak hills grad and recent UC architecture grad, who some of you may remember. she tolerated my occasional snide remarks about the apple way. i couldn't help it, though, especially when you say "i'm buying that laptop" and they say "congratulations" like i just won a prize. see, in the consumer - company relationship, you are happy when i choose your product and give you my business. i'm not bowing and scraping before you because i have been chosen as one from many to be blessed with your product.

poor girl, surprised she didn't punch me.

OSX does still feel like a child's toy. mainly because i've used windows for fifteen years now, DOS for a few before that, and the C=64 command line beyond that horizon. i don't like OS's that make you do SO much with the bloody mouse. in time i will learn the keyboard shortcuts (and i hear that an app called quicksilver is magical for app management too). after a few hours' use i'm still baffled by the fact that so many apps stay running after i X out of them. gotta get used to option-Q or whatever.

other things on my list to learn:

  • the equivalent of shift-delete. i never needed a recycle bin, i certainly don't need a trash can.
  • what to do with all this wasted space. i am a person who maximizes whatever window i have open - having windows smaller than the whole screen makes my skin crawl. the maximize button expands the active window to the vertical resolution but not to the horizontal. argh.
  • changing disk partition names - my windows partition on the system is sitting on my desktop labeled "untitled". that's not cool.
  • so when you download software, you get a .DMG file, which, when opened, drops another little file on your desktop, and then you open that file/folder/whatever, drag what's in it to a buried, obscure "Applications" folder, and that installs the app? didn't someone say this was an intuitive OS?

enough whining about OSX. this is a nice piece of hardware. i dig the size and weight, the keyboard, the screen is beautiful. it's a little noisy, but working with servers all day, i don't notice. it is a tad warm, but i think that'll ultimately be a good thing for my wife, who uses blankets and space heaters in august. i have a "trapper keeper" sleeve on the way.

and it is the fastest windows machine i have ever used. bootcamp was a breeze, installation was flawless. i still can't believe how snappy it is, and i've run this OS on four-CPU monster servers. the drivers CD that is burned during the bootcamp setup process doesn't provide solid drivers for the onboard isight camera - opening it in windows bluescreens the OS. and there are about a half dozen other items in device manager that are missing drivers, but apparently the MSI that bootcamp builds doesn't include them.

i can't frickin right click in windows without an external mouse. argh.

i still have a little setup to do in windows to get it ready for renee to use, and lots o' intarweb-scouring to iron out the little issues. i know a few of you have used this OS (hamrick, trujillo, etc) - anyone with any useful tips or hints, fire away, i will absorb them like a delicious sauce.


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Blogger Justin Hall Says:

well one problem solved - applemouse adds ctrl-click functionality to windows. hot!

Blogger MikeE Says:

when you have multiple windows open use F9 ... it was the greatest thing about MAC OSX I found.

Oh yeah ... buy and install the virtualization software and let me know how it is.

Blogger Simon Says:

You finally gave in huh? Is if for you to use or Renee?

I got a useful tip for you...

Watch Zoolander, and do exactly what Hansel does with the Mac at the end or the movie...

Blogger B-Call Says:

(whispering) "Moisture is the essence of wetness..."

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

it's for both of us, although she'll use it more for school stuff in windows and i'll use it to learn OSX.


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hmmm... Where to start. How about software. Verisiontracker and MacUpdate are big Mac software portals, but freshmeat has plenty of software and Apple's own directory isn't too bad, such as this one for all your old open source favorites. These sites make good rss feeds for software too. Then there's interesting stuff like Smackbook Pro and multiple desktops. Fink is a linux emulator (kinda) and for that special unix experience, you can always boot in verbose mode. MacMame is an another kind of emulator. Chicken of the VNC is the best VNC client I found and of course, you have ssh. Macscripter is a good site for Apple scripts, although Automator has made these even easier than they already were. Macosxhints has good articles, like this one. Oh, and for those heating issues, download CoreDuoTemp.

Check out Butler before going 100% with Quicksilver. Butler gives you keyboard shortcuts and allows you to get rid of the stupidity of the Dock, but has a GUI interface so others can jump on your computer and not be lost. Also don't forget "fn+delete" as a replacement for backspace, two fingers on the trackpad for right clicking, "Command+W" to close one window in an app (or a tab in firefox), "Command+t" in firefox to open a new tab and "fn+down arrow" for page down. I have a Macbook too and I love it. Email me if you have any other questions. Ed

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

btw macsaber rules!

Anonymous Artie Says:

For simple app install, Mac's don't need all the extra junk Windows apps need, so you really are just dragging the app into a place that's easy to remember. Really the "Applications" folder is like the "My Documents" folder on the Windows side, it's just a place for people to dump their stuff.


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