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 new rose hotel

i had no idea that gibson's short story had been adapted... probably because it was a pretty weak film. this one managed to nail a lot of the environment of the story - an early blade runner-ish urban jungle, moody and neon. the music was by the phenominal Schooly D. go figure that with Walken and Dafoe cast in the leads, they stumble through the dialogue, never quite comfortable in their characters' skin. thing is, i can't think of anyone else who could recite william gibson's jagged, acidic dialogue and not sound utterly foolish besides Walken...

so where johnny mnemonic went the flashy-action-movie route and failed, this one tried to stay true to the story and the environment and failed on the cast. i doubt there's anyone in hollywood with the vision and grace to adapt any of gibson's Sprawl stories, unfortunately. ridley scott's version of philip k. dick's blade runner is the closest we'll get to a real cyberpunk movie, and it's probably the best scifi flick of all time.

hollywood may find more success in gibson's work set in more modern times... probably why pattern recognition is currently in production. don't know whether to be excited or to dread it... there's a discussion on imdb about casting ideas. peter weir (of dead poets society) is set to direct - hope springs eternal.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I would love to see this movie, do you still have it?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i do... however i doubt it'll do anything but disappoint. the entire second half of the movie is a flashback to the first half while Willem Dafoe sits in a hotel room.

i'll bring it by, if you don't mind mailing it back to netflix for me when you're done...

Blogger SFAM Says:

Hi, just a differing opinion on this if you're interested. I didn't see virtually any of Gibson's short story in this movie. New Rose Hotel (the movie) takes place in modern times, has really no cyberpunk angle or visuals at all, doesn't really follow much of the story, and worse, ends up being completely incoherent. They ran out of money so they weren't able to shoot the whole thing - instead they ended up having Willam Dafoe walk around his apartment engaged in nonsensical musing for 15 minutes while they showed clips of things that happened earlier in the film.

I have a longer review of this film if interested, but the short version is I really wasn't impressed. At all.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

that's fairly accurate. it shows that they ran dry - i found myself wondering how they could have possibly released the film thinking anyone would enjoy it.


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