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wades through the buildings

you think you're decent at guitar hero until you get to pantera's cowboys from hell. surprisingly i managed to stumble my way through that, BOC's godzilla and some wicked stevie ray... but then quickly and cleanly skewered by bark at the moon.

i finished MGS3, a very complete and satisfying game experience with a worthy ending - something you don't see very often anymore. i'm definitely playing back through it on the harder difficulty, now that i'm not fumbling with the control scheme like a teenager in the backseat of a car. if you've never played an MGS title you miss some of the subtleties - and the manual doesn't provide much help. did you know you can drag your enemies' dead bodies and hide them? not in the manual. didn't know that til i was about 75% through the game. would have helped a whole lot.

so lost... you were all (hopefully) enthralled by the finale. once again we begin the torturous march through the summer to september and the next season's premiere. i've watched the inital stages of their ARG, the Lost Experience, with mild interest (not full blown involvement, like other ARG's). it's been somewhat interesting, albeit with puzzles that are a little weak and no real cohesive storyline except that the dudes that run the hanso foundation are corrupt. oooh. riveting.

what has me perked up is the experience of an ARG with the full weight of a major media conglomerate behind it. being a TV show, they have about a hundred different potential ways to distribute clues - just from the weekly episodes. they've also published a fake book that ties in to the storyline (with a real entry on amazon and an ISBN and everything). but the best was after wednesday night's episode, on jimmy kimmel live, when they had jimmy interview an in-game character - hugh mcintyre from Hanso.

so this has the potential to turn into something really compelling and huge - and it's the perfect way to keep fans really engaged during the summer when they're just showing reruns.

so we're heading down to indiana tomorrow to see renee's family, and we're coming back sunday to hit up taste of cincinnati.


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Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah, it's pretty crazy what they're doing with LOST. They've created an "interactive" show. You can get as involved as you want to, there is so much out there you can read into if you want. Or you can just watch the show every week. I think it's a great idea!

Blogger ryanham Says:

yeah, not a new concept, but cool if you want to extend your personal experience.

Convergence, here we come!

Blogger B-Call Says:

what's better, Lost or a fried twinkie???
you know what's up.


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