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come running just as fast as they can

can we pretend for a second? let's imagine a world where Super Mario 3 and the Mega Man series didn't exist.

in that world - Guitar Hero is easily the finest console game ever created. let me be clear - i just spent two straight hours blazing through some rock classics, and in the middle of the experience i decided i needed to rearrange the furniture in the living room to give me space to rock.

(needless to say, the xbox is gone, and a shiny little PS2 mini is in its place. don't worry, steve, i kept the games around in case you want to take 'em off my hands)

i don't think i've genuinely had this much fun with a console game in a long time, since halo 2 came out and we played our first LAN game. even then, there was a balance of frustration that came with trying to get a single frag on tony and chip and ben merkel. it just comes with the territory, right? controllers just get thrown against walls, closet doors get kicked off, holes get punched in coffee tables, you know, it's a part of the package. but not with GH. after two hours i wasn't frustrated at all - and i wasn't good, by any means, anyone who's heard me play real guitar knows that. it didn't matter, though - i was good enough to enjoy it and to get a lot out of it. fantastic.

dude at gamestop tells me that occasionally a guitar 'controller' gets sold back to the store and you can buy 'em used for $10. i'm constantly on the watch now - so i can hook up two and give the multiplayer a go.

God of War is also enjoyable, i put about an hour into it. a very good hack-n-slash - the first boss battle was fairly epic, which surprised me... remember in Mario 2 when you first meet Birdo? you're like, this is a boss? pink dude spitting eggs at me? weak. remember in Ocarina Of Time, the giant insect creature thing that pops out at you in the dark? a step up. God of War has you fighting a hydra - several heads that just dwarf you - but i never imagined i could take so much joy in wrapping my chain-swords around a giant lizard-head, bashing it into a wall or impaling it on a mast.

cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man.


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Blogger Simon Says:

I think before I got to birdie in Mario 2, I had a reaction like this "This is a Super Mario game!!!"

Guitar Hero sounds pretty sweet, do you get to jam with real songs that I would know or is it just some stupid ones like in DDR?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

check out the track listing. you got some bad religion, pantera, sabbath, priest, the ramones, megadeth, incubus...

Blogger B-Call Says:

i prefer "pocket full of change", "la grange", "tush" or "tube snake boogie"

Blogger ryanham Says:

Finally a game that makes Justin more sweaty than Mario Tennis!

Anonymous artie Says:

I played guitar hero at best buy one day. great game.


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