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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


see the iceberg from 15 miles away

people, stop expecting gas prices to drop. sure, inflation over time has something to do with it, but even adjusted for inflation, prices are the highest ever. but we're all hoping for a miracle, and that they'll just suddenly drop. they won't.

not because of the government - lobbyists control most of our legislators, because they can afford to. it's why tobacco companies - whose product's primary result of usage is cancer and death - are still profitable. it's why laws are being made to protect the outdated interests of media conglomerates when the rest of the world is moving on to a sales model that works with, not against, the state of technology. it's why internet access is about to get way more expensive as telecoms push for a tiered internet, abandoning the equality for every IP address that the net was built on. foolish concepts that wouldn't ever have been introduced on the floor of congress - if their sole purpose wasn't simply higher profits for the companies that the lobbyists represent.

not because of our ex-oil-tycoon commander-in-chief. it would do much to restore my trust in President Bush if he were to take serious action against the oil companies - i.e. drastic economic sanctions or a serious price-gouging investigation. not this weak spitting at the problem.

not because we're spreading democracy (like a virus) in the middle east. they still hate us. it is an interesting theory - maybe in fifty or a hundred years things will look differently because we've grown friendly governments in our little sandy lab on the other side of the world. doesn't help out a lot now when many extremists hate what we stand for, and the rest can't stand our incredible arrogance.

and certainly not because the oil companies are going to get benevolent all of a sudden. everyone's shocked that their profits are obscenely high. i'm sure they're sitting in a boardroom, shocked that we will pay $4.00 a gallon. sure, we'll whine about it, but we won't take any action. we won't elect a government that takes it seriously. we won't change our habits. we won't carpool. and so, if we'll pay the price, they'll charge it - because they're a business. their goal is to make their shareholders money. anyone who expects them to be the salvation army or the red cross is delusional.

expecting that we won't be paying at least $2.50 around here for the rest of our lives just isn't reasonable. it certainly does suck, but unless we are willing to change our habits and elect people that will pass a little lobbying reform through congress, we have no right to complain about it. i personally am failing on the former part. working from home this week has helped out a bit in that department, though. maybe i can do that from now on - i'll do my part.


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Blogger Nickolini Says:

As I said before....I plan to make a stand by boycotting Exxon Mobile. I know they aren't the only oil company scoring big, but as the leader in the industry, they set the standard. A capitalistic economy needs competition to keep prices down and the American people need to force a price war. I guess I could also cut back on drinking glasses of crude oil with dinner. Or I could take Ryan's advice and boycott plastic. Does anyone know who the top plastic company is?
And Justin....if there is a candidate that is not controlled by special interests and big business I'd vote for them....but does that person exist? The American people vote on name recognition, even if there is a negative connotation assaociated with that name. How else do you explain Ray Nagin receiving the most votes in the New Orleans mayoral election this week? The guy had a part (I don't blame him solely) in death of tons of New Orleans citizens and he still wins an election (it's going to a run off, but most likely he'll end up ahead). How much worse can you screw up as a mayor. "No we don't need those busses and trains you offered...we'll be fine"....as the wind blows in the background....
And you cannot just blame the American people....our choices on the ballot just suck. I can either choose this idiot or the other idiot. I had some confidence in Bush (which is rapidly dwindling) which is why I voted for him....but look at the election in 1996. We could either choose Bill Clinton or Bob Dole. C'mon...that just sucks. Is this the best our system has to offer?.....

Blogger B-Call Says:

i'm writing in my vote for Monty Brewster for every election from here until I die.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i think waiting for a mythical policitican to show up - a person that's intelligent, informed, humble, and not at the service of the highest bidder. not a chance, i guess.

i know those people are out there - they can't just be made up by creative writers, they have to exist, at least in some form. why can't they run for office?

Blogger Bragg Says:

I would vote for you. Step up and I'll back and run your campaign.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

where are all the good men dead? in the heart, or in the head?

Blogger ryanham Says:

Don't write in Monty...he won't win the money!

Blogger ryanham Says:

Here's another question: what if we do elect someone who is overly like-able, he unifies the world under one system, and decides it's best for us to wear a chip under our skin to make our economy globally unified?

I wouldn't vote for him because he'd be the anti-christ.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

are you suggesting wilford brimley for president?

its pronounced DI-UH-BEET-US

Blogger ryanham Says:

No, clearly I was referring to Christopher Walken.

Anonymous artie Says:

It would help if we had decent mass transit in the 'Nati.


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