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artie sent me this article on the 'new adults' - it's fascinating. read it and answer this question:

will our generation be like these people in ten years?

i say our generation since the people he's talking about are late 30's / early 40's and trying to stay hip. granted it's hard for me to imagine masses of 38-year-old guys dressing their kids in punk rock shirts, since i've never been to new york. still, spend five minutes on the internet and you'll see the trends. i can identify with the resistence to a 9-5 shirt-and-tie job myself. i think my friends that are having kids can probably identify with the resistence to watching the wiggles with their kids. i certainly cannot identify with spending $400 on a pair of jeans; i guess that's a new york thing.

Under the skin of the iPods and the $400 ripped jeans, this is the spine of the Grup ethos: passion, and the fear of losing it.
what the heck will we be like when we're 40? will i be ripping movies to my portable media player, playing retro games on a PC emulator, and watching star trek: TNG reruns? am i ever going to frickin' grow up? do i want to? do i even need to?
Being a Grup isn’t, as it turns out, all about holding on to some misguided, well-marketed idea of youth—or, at least, isn’t just about that. It’s also about rejecting a hand-me-down model of adulthood that asks, or even necessitates, that you let go of everything you ever felt passionate about. It’s about reimagining adulthood as a period defined by promise, rather than compromise. And who can’t relate to that?


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Blogger ryanham Says:

Hrm. I guess I sort of identify with this, except I'm too cheap to spend that much on clothes.

I hardly ever even wear a collared shirt to work, t-shirts and jeans all the time. Micron is a little more laid-back than most though, since you never know when you'll end up in a clean-room suit. The big-wigs wear ties, and of course, sales guys always dress nice.

Conner gets cool t-shirts, but they're not punk rock. I was never really a punk-rock t-shirt guy anyway.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

yeah - i find the thought of a rigid work atmosphere (ties and strictly enforced clocking in/out) frightening enough that i think i would leave any job that expected it of me.

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Blogger Justin Hall Says:

so apparently blogger's 45-minute comment database outage was to add some more spam to my comments, neat

Blogger Bragg Says:

Yes I know what they have at the f****** IHOP

Blogger The Barber Says:

This hits so close to home for me that it is almost amusing. Like Ryan I spend about $20 on things like jeans and messenger bags, but the most I get dressed up for work is a sweater and Khaki pants with, of course, the pockets on the sides. If anyone has any advise on where to buy non-tapered khaki pants without the pockets, for someone with girthy (ex-soccer) legs, please let me know. One more thing, I will not spend more than $30-$35 on these, I'm too cheap (and poor). Anyway, I can see myself wearing Pumas when I'm 40, when I am off work. I don't know about the punk-rock thing for my kids. Growing up I believed that the day you put on a nice suit for more than two days in a row you were considered a grown up. Now I think you're a tool or banker, but lets face it they are pretty much the same thing.

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