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dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


sugar on the asphalt

i wonder how much graeter's had to fork over to get a mention on last night's west wing. surprised me a little bit - they talked about being in cincinnati a few times, and then Santos walks on his bus and sees his son eating ice cream before dinner. Donna explains that "Graeter's is a Cincinnati staple". excellent. toby was back in this episode, as fiesty as ever.

one by one the great mysteries of the finale of this show are disappearing. really all that's left is "who leaked the classified info to toby". donna and josh do finally hook up - that was in the preview for next week's episode, as was leo's death. my guess for next week - santos wins the election, leo dies shortly afterwards, and santos names vinick as his VP, thus magically unifying the country, and a thousand years of peace and prosperity fall on the land.

watching this show really does make me wonder how long this country will last. another hundred or five hundred years? another twenty? what'll be the thing that tears it apart or defeats it? a great war, or the eventual dominance of government by business?

thanks to dad i'm watching the excellent british comedy The IT Crowd. cory doctorow of boingboing first mentioned it in early february, it sounded decent, but british sitcoms, ehh... once you get past the weak first episode, they get brilliant and clever. wish there were more than six of them.


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Blogger ryanham Says:

Justin, you know that the West Wing cannot make such a "utopian" decision, it's already been made. Might I point to our future harmonizers, Bill and Ted.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:


Blogger Didactic Says:

Santos wins, Leo dies and Santo's names CJ as the VP, who would obvioulsy be the first woman VP. We find out afterwards that CJ was the leak, but Toby still takes the fall to preserve for the new presidency.

The US won't crash, it will go out with a whimper. Globalization, in particular, outsourcing, will decrease the gap between Third World countires such as China and India, while decreasing the GDP per capta it in the US. The debt will also add to America's decline. Pray there's not a world war.

Chicken Curry will be served at baseball games and we will all know some Chinese words like in Bladerunner.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

geez i hope they don't make CJ the vice president. talk about ruining the finale.

Blogger Didactic Says:

What do you have against CJ?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

personally i thought the producers' choice to make her chief of staff after leo's heart attack was ridiculous. she was a good press secretary, but that's because she was a PR person before joining the bartlet campaign. no sensible government official (contradiction in terms?) makes a hollywood PR rep with six years government experience the chief of frickin staff of the white house.

the way they played it in the show, CJ was picked because toby and josh and will bickered too much. lameness. josh should have gotten it. anyway, she was a crappy CoS and would be an even worse VP.

plus, i don't like women. :)

Blogger Didactic Says:

I think she's done an excellent job as Chief of Staff. She just doesn't have that chummy relationship that Leo has from knowing Bartlett for decades. And politics is ripe with examples of people that appear to be unqualified be appointed to office. Look at many ambassadors for US embassies or even George W. (I know, but some people still think he's a good president). In an earlier episode, Josh decided that he's better at being the person next to the person in charge and not the actual person in charge. Why wouldn't he run for Pres if thought otherwise?

OK, I feeling way too much like an old lady talking about her favorite soap opera, so I'm moving on now.

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