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tony and brian and i were hanging out in the courtyard at work, which felt like the inside of a microwave with the sun reflecting on us from four stories of black glass. b mentioned how sweet a game of wiffle ball would be right about now...

remember how much it sucks trying to throw out a runner with a wiffle ball? that's why you don't do it. how much more awesome would a game of wiffle ball be with armed infantry? we called it 'wiffle paint' - each team adds an infielder position - let's call it the gunny - whose goal is to hit the base-runner with a paintball in the torso/arm region before they reach the base. they only get three shots per base hit, which can be used on any base runner.

the gunny would be stationary, too. i'm not sure exactly where we'd position him - as an infielder, on the pitcher's mound makes the most sense, and placing them in the outfield makes it a little tough to hit runners going to first or home.

this idea is developing. add your thoughts.


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Blogger Nickolini Says:

My friend, you might just be inventing the greatest game ever. Can the gunny be blindfolded?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

then he might shoot a baby or something. i don't know, is that cool?

Blogger B-Call Says:

maybe not blindfolded, but he at least needs to be spun around dizzy or on some kind of halucinogen. or at least drunk.
and he/she needs to be on a perch behind home plate and called the sniper.

Blogger Austin Says:

you have 2 gunners. one on first, one on third. But they cant shoot at anyone running running toward or from their base.

Blogger Bragg Says:

hell, if the gunny is going to be drunk, can i sign up to play that position?

Blogger ryanham Says:

Sure you can sign up...you have to drink every time you miss the runner with your shot (that's three chances to drink per runner). That could be some comedy.

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