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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


abuse my love a thousand times

so golf ended up being a pretty enjoyable day. i saw Brian fall out of a golf cart and drove Nick around on top of my cart for a few. i also hit through a few holes during the first 18 in the morning with Brad, and then we did a foursome scramble in the afternoon and ended up a few over par. i'm sure they would have been under if they'd had a fourth 'actual' golfer out there with 'em, but i did get a few good shots in. it was a fun afternoon in any case, i had a great time with everyone, got lots of sun, sat outside in the incredible weather, drove around in the cart, ate some good food, etc... and i could see myself out on the course again sometime. doubt i'm in a position to buy some clubs yet, but maybe down the road if i really get into it.

off for the three-day weekend tomorrow. i plan on doing nothing at all.

so a ways back we talked about church and stuff, and in the last few weeks i think i've accepted that it's gonna stay the same until we actually meet some people there, get invested in the community, and with NLT over there's no reason we can't do that now, so renee and i are considering jumping into a study with some west siders, and i'm thinking about getting back into helping out w/the 'outreach' crew - following up with people who ask for more information about what a relationship with God is about, what it might look like for them, what that looks like in a community of people, etc... it was pretty cool last year and i've been missing it a lot.

check out the 2007 altimas - way cooler than mine.

and finally i can get into calendaring with a use-anywhere web app - google debuted their long-awaited calendar with gmail integration. my brain, once capable of storing phone numbers and IP addresses and SSN's and your credit card number and whatnot, now has trouble keeping track of all of the things that are going on. i've heard artie rave about the mac iCal for a while, and i was interested in a simple, useable, web-centric calendaring app. this looks like it'll do the job.


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