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division is the new world order

since cheerwine is not regularly accessable around here (unless you want to buy two bottles every six months from the party source), i've been looking for its 'successor' for a while.

*side note - if you've never tasted cheerwine, and you like carbonated beverages, you're missing out. it's like the mackinaw peach of pop. cheerwine is difficult to locate (unless you live in north carolina or a surrounding state), and, once a can or bottle is opened, you have about an hour to drink it all before it goes flat... but oh, that glorious hour... a perfect mix of cherry and cola flavors, the balance of sharpness and sweetness, with just a slight hint of cough medicine...

anyway. a few years back dr. pepper released red fusion. for a long time i had described, for the uninitiated, cheerwine's taste as that of cherry dr. pepper. so when they actually released a cherry dr. pepper, the expectation, the hype, was tangible, like i could carry it in my pocket. not since ecto cooler had i been so capitvated by a beverage.

sadly it was a poor substitute - with some of the flavor but without that heavy carbonation, that surprisingly strong sweetness, of cheerwine. and it was done away with in lieu of the cherry-vanilla version, which adds an obnoxious fake-vanilla subtext that blows the whole thing.

now it seems we have another potential candidate, a price waiting to be king, the last emporer of beverage.

true, the name "berries and cream" makes it sound like a bath & body works product. and it tastes nothing like cheerwine - but it's good. very good. very different, with an almost raspberry or blackberry flavor... enough that it makes a difference, but not so much that it gets annoying. hopefully they keep it around for a while, and they start selling it at skyline.


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Blogger Nickolini Says:

Has anyone tried the new Coca-Cola Black? It is like $5 for a 4 bottle pack, so I was wondering if it was any good. I guess it is Coca-Cola with coffee flavor. I don't know...sounds risky...

Blogger B-Call Says:

you're screwed up mang. you should know that Skyline's best beverage partner is root beer. everything just tastes better there with a Mug root beer.
sounds like lunch to me.

Blogger ryanham Says:


I don't even know you anymore.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

personally i D to the P at skyline - i enjoy root beer but mug is a little too sweet for me. IBC/stewarts has a better balance of kick and sweetness.

(king donko of punchstania)

Blogger B-Call Says:

did you just say that you drink Pisspi at Skyline? And you don't drink Mug because its too sweet?
(shakes head)
I'm confused.
And clearly, you are too... if you're drinking Pisspi.

(slick rick of crochstainia)

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

negative - i'd rather drink raw sewage than pepsi. i drink dr. pepper.

your precious Mug is just pepsi with some root beer mixed in... you're contaminated!

Blogger B-Call Says:

hey, i never said that Mug was "precious". I'd rather drink Stewies or IBC as well. But Mug is what's there.
You know the proper people, pull some strings sucker.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

The best root beer is Henry Weinhards. It is hard to find, but oh yeah....it's good. Maybe I'll see if Jungle Jims has some and I'll bring it this weekend.

Blogger Davie Says:

Yeah, Berries & Cream is tastey. I picked up a 12 pack the other night and I was not disappointed. Plus it also got Dqniel's seal of approval, and that kid's so picky you know that has to count for something...

Blogger The Barber Says:

Nick you have had Henry Weinhard's Root beer. I thought I was the only one this side of the Yellowstone that has had the greatest Root Beer and Cream Soda ever made (bar-none). I have not had it since I lived in Sacramento, CA. I've tried to order it on-line because no one (including Jungle Jims, and the party source) carries it. The problem is that it cost like $25 dollars for six bottles.

Blogger MikeE Says:

I wonder what Cheerwine and Rum tastes like .... hmmm.

Blogger B-Call Says:

no, cheerwine and vodka.
its a cheerwine screwdriver!!!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

cheerwine and coke (the Booyah) is fairly tasty.

i wonder what the Split Wig (half DP, half coke, packet of sugar) would taste like with berries & cream.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

Darren...that's a bummer...I thought Jungle Jims might have it. I used to buy it at Safeway when I lived in Colorado, where it was $6 for a six pack. I wish we could get some Henry Weinhards and show these fools what real root beer is all about. You might be able to request Jungle Jims to order it, they do that sometimes with regular beer.

Blogger B-Call Says:

I agree, Cheerwine and cocain is outstanding. makes you drool a lot though.

Blogger Jeri Says:

Yea we moved from VA just when we found a store that sold cheerwine...oh well. Rootbear...by far ANW is the best in my opinion

Blogger B-Call Says:

What's this "Rootbear" you speak of?
A&W can suck an egg.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

these guys have this Henry's stuff you mentioned. they also have Tab. word up.

Blogger B-Call Says:

when making a Split Wig, are we talking half a can of DP and half a can of Coke plus a sugar packet? Or are we doing a can of DP+a can of Coke+a sugar packet?
this is going to be my afternoon cocktail today.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

I saw somebody walking out of Kroger the other day with a case of Tab. I didn't know that stuff was still around. Makes me think of Back to the Future.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

either a full can or half is fine - it's one part DP to one part coke. Mr. Pibb also works well as a replacement for DP.

Blogger B-Call Says:

i went shopping for some Black this afternoon after lunch. no luck, but remember that i DO work in Hamilton! that'll be the last place on earth to have it.
i did about 32oz of the Split Wig at lunch today at CiCi's. i can't feel my feet.
is that a normal reaction???

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

its even better if you use the pure cane stuff at chipotle...

Blogger B-Call Says:

yeah, i rocked out with just the Domino brand.
even my poop came out hyper.

Blogger Simon Says:

Wow, I'm upset I've been missing out on all of this mess! I'm going to have to try the Berries and Cream...cream makes everything better!

Brian, when dining at Skyline, you drink Dr. Pepper...sorry. Mugg is crap anyway. Who wants Decaf Rootbeer???

Blogger B-Call Says:

nope, sorry to you my bitch.
root beer makes the chili taste better.


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