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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


old glory maintains your consciousness

i was actually ready to come back to work this weekend - for once it didn't feel like it went too fast, or that i didn't get out and do anything.

friday morning, while renee was hanging out with her mom and sister, i stayed in and watched my torrented copy of Transformers The Movie. do you know how impossible it is to locate a copy of that DVD anymore? amazon has it for like $34, and they're used copies. i tried to get suncoast to order it, and after two months they finally gave up trying to locate it. buy.com had the same story, canceling my order when they figured out they couldn't find it. since my DVD disappeared a few years ago, and i figured i'd already paid for the content, the torrent was the best solution.

renee and i went out with mike and dara and brad and lindsay friday night, up to the pub, and then over to forest fair for blacklight putt putt, which was mobbed with little kids. that would have made real golfing a lot more exciting, IMHO, trying to avoid (or not avoid) hitting children with your ball as they run rampant over the course.

saturday renee and i went up to sawyer point and ate lunch by the pavilion, and then went and washed the cars cause it was so perfect outside. that night steve and b and i went out to dinner and headed over to charlie's throttle stop, b's new favorite biker bar. go figure that my weird semi-biker parents love it. at least i'm not alone in thinking that it's strange that my parents are bikers now - my grandmother (who, after crazy health problems, is still as strong, funny, and wonderful as ever) agrees with me.

we ended up seeing lucky number slevin after charlie's... very entertaining movie, fairly predictable, but funny, well-casted and written... ben kingsley and morgan freeman play two gangsters at war with each other, and their performances totally made the movie worth watching.

yesterday we hung out w/family. renee and i watched cinderella man from netflix, and renee literally cringed during every fight scene. i thought she was going to collapse, poor girl, she doesn't handle crunching bones and whatnot very well. then the west wing, with leo's funeral, which surprisingly enough didn't make me tear up. josh was killer, though - "if you want a yes man, i'm not the person for the job." they're setting up santos' VP pick pretty well - he's on a bipartisan kick, so it makes a lot of sense to pick vinick.

three episodes left, and i guess next week rob 'sellout' lowe comes back, hopefully to get smacked in the face with a desk lamp. i wasn't watching the show when it happened, but during reruns i cheered when he left the show. according to articles i've read, the show was originally supposed to center around him, which would have completely sucked - it's far more interesting having shows about the president, leo, josh, toby, CJ, santos... all-sam-all-the-time would have been unwatchable.


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