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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


everything is dearly missed

i was gonna write a whole lot, but i'm feeling lazy. so:

- called it - santos is gonna ask vinick to be VP.
- the sentinel was okay. decent writing, although michael douglas played michael douglas, kiefer sutherland played jack bauer, and eva longoria played a miniskirt. i figured out the ending five minutes in.
- renee made an apple pie this weekend. she's never had apple pie before, and it was the best apple pie i've ever had. it's like da vinci painting blind. i did get her to try it - and realize that it was tasty.
- real go-kart racing is much more difficult than mario kart. i didn't need any red shells to pwn b, though.
- paintball would definitely make wiffle ball better. mud does help, though.
- there are more casinos per capita in southeast indiana than wal-marts - believe it or not.
- whats the big deal about the frickin da vinci code movie? looks derivative.
- those VW commercials where the dudes get into accidents are much lamer than the ones with peter stormare. i definitely don't need to see two of them in the space of two minutes.

...and we're done.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

clearly you've never had my apple pie.
did you get her to try the Coke Blak???

Blogger B-Call Says:

how come its like 5:20 and blogger still hasn't tallied my comment from almost 5 hours ago?

Blogger B-Call Says:


Blogger B-Call Says:

also, with this being NFL draftweek '06, I'm constantly pounded and amazed by how much Tony looks EXACTLY like Matt Leinart. i only say this cus i'm looking at a pic of tony here on your page.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

except for when tony grows out the mullet, then he looks like a dirty matt leinart.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Actually Justin, a more proper analogy would be "It's like Beethoven composing deaf" because, in fact, he did.

A caveat to that analogy is Beethoven developed his hearing loss after having learned the trade of composition. Therefore, this analogy may only apply if Renee has cooked stuff before (which I'm sure she has).


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