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dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


antennas are pointed in the right direction

sony released the 2.7 OS update for the PSP, which includes a flash player and the ability to save podcasts to the memory stick. still hoping for a native RSS reader, as well as a streaming media app that'll play HTTP streams of audio and video. there's a hack to stream iTunes playlists using a combo of the web browser and podcast apps; however as it listens on port 8080 i have to shut down my tivo server, which listens on the same port.

i haven't tried the updated podcast app - i don't really live-stream podcasts much, just grab 'em from itunes and listen to them on the way to work. i am a little more excited about the flash player - the PSP would be a great platform for flash-based applications, as they'd fit well on the screen and probably perform pretty well. that said, it's still not a great platform for normal web browsing, but in an emergency (heh) it'll do.

sony also released a free, downloadable demo of a new game called loco roco. it's a cute little puzzle game where you try to roll a little blob guy around a planet - by tilting the landscape with the shoulder buttons - and have him eat everything in sight. needless to say, i was inspired by the - ah - concept.

i grabbed mike shinoda's fort minor disc, fascinated by a couple of tracks i've heard. there's enough star power present on the album to perk the ears (guests by Black Thought, Common, and a production credit to Jay-Z); however lyrically it falls flat. granted, it's not fourteen tracks of rims and 45's and crunk, which is refreshing. they weren't replaced completely with riveting subject matter - some interesting tracks of self-reflection and family history, which makes it a pretty personal record.

what's funny is when shinoda knocks mainstream rap as being too simplistic - on get me gone he says

because these people love to put a twist to your words
to infer that you said something f%$@#!ng absurd
oh, did I lose you at infer?
not used to hearing a verse
that uses over first grade vocabulary words?
and it's very true - no one's scratching their head over the terminology on juelz santana's latest track. but while shinoda busts out the thesaurus, his rhymes end up lacking any charisma. there's a cleverness he could pick up from a biggie or a nas, a jeru or a ghostface.

what shinoda's missing in flow, he delivers in the beats, which are sick and make it worth a few re-listens. assuming you enjoy linkin-park-esque strings-guitar-deep bass, which he mixes with a little Compton flavor and some piano.

moving on - my previous mention of nofx's new disc reminded me of another one i'd been wanting to pick up for a while, and i finally did - their split CD with rancid, a rare one that took me a while to find. rancid does 6 nofx songs, and vice versa, and while olympia, WA is one of my fave rancid tracks, i think i like nofx's version better (as with rancid's version of sticking in my eye).

finally, a followup to the dr. pepper discussion from earlier - anyone else think the get berried in cream tagline is a little creepy?


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Blogger Bragg Says:

B's mom certainly doesn't think it's creepy.

Blogger MikeE Says:

Oh snap!

No you didn't.....

Blogger B-Call Says:

dude, you used "2.7 OS," "RSS," "APP," "HTTP," "8080," and "tivo" all in the same first paragraph. that's the fastest anyone has ever lost me.

As for the Berries and Cream tag, its still not as great as Kenny Rogers, "Its the wood that makes it good" line, or "Need the weed" from Tumbleweed's.

Blogger ryanham Says:

I understood it perfectly. I also understood the line "that said, it's still not a great platform for normal web browsing, but in an emergency (heh) it'll do" to mean it works best when Justin is taking a dump.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

it is the perfect companion to sitting on the can. watch a movie, an episode of Lost, browse the web, listen to a podcast or some music, play Street Fighter...

actually i have used it to get directions on the road in an emergency, much cheaper than using the web on my phone.

Blogger B-Call Says:

the only place that LOST belongs is in the crapper.


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