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with a blue moon in your eyes

i seriously think the writers of smallville just gave up. they've literally rehashed the same sub-stories the entire season, rubbing our faces in them as if we didn't get the point in week three. there was just enough clark vs. lex and brainiac in the season finale tonight to keep it mildly interesting, but you can only hear the "clark doesn't tell lana everything" crap a few hundred times before it gets stale. so you get to the end, chloe and lionel are getting beaten to death by rioters, lana is making out with the lex/brainiac/zod combine, and clark is stuck in the superman II mirror, floating through space.

come on, writers. just one tiny little kneel before zod. just one. no? nothing? okay.

so renee is thoroughly enjoying katamari damacy, which is just as strange and quirky as you've heard. hearing her laugh out loud as she rolls her katamari over dogs and flowerpots and batteries and businessmen is wonderful. you just have to smile. it truly is the game for non-gamers.

plus i don't get tired of the game saying "my, that's a large katamari". they should put that on a t-shirt.

i'm in the initial throes of a bout with metal gear solid 3: subsistence. i had to read up on the MGS lore, because otherwise i'd have no idea what's going on. actually i still have no idea what's going on. and it's not like there isn't enough backstory or dialogue or "plot development" - the game is two minutes of action per hour of cinema scenes.

quick poll: worst song to have stuck in your head when you wake up? this morning i had whitney houston's i'm your baby tonight. i wanted to blow it out. with a gun.

rainbow road!


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Blogger B-Call Says:

that's nothing. wait til you have kids and every song stuck in your head is a childrens song and mainly Raffi.
i'll take a little bit of Whitney anyday. Especially if Bobby's involved.

Blogger leslie Says:

say you, say me- lionel ritchie


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