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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


don't want no revenge

i've only been awake for three hours and today already sucks. it's a sitcom-ish feeling that something irritating will happen during everything i try to do today. like someone tied a dollar to a string and just as i'm about to grab it, they've been pulling it away from me. all morning. it's exceedingly difficult to "do everything without complaining or arguing". well that's always tough, and occasionally i'm able to hold back, but it's rare.

thanks to TI, south 75 was closed all morning, and so everyone had to stay on 275 east to get to 71 to go downtown. so that plus two accidents meant that what would normally be a 30 minute drive to work turned into an hour and 20.

got in, checked, and found out that the northwest levy failed. thanks, cheapass old people in the district, i can't wait til you all die. way to screw the younger generations for the hundredth time in a row.


i think i'm done.

hey, edwin and theresa are getting married this weekend, kicking off another season of weddings.

god of war: still fun (read: i haven't gotten to a really frustrating part and thrown my controller against the wall yet, ninja gaiden style). last night i walzed into a room and saw a cute little green puppy... i thought, hey, look, he's cute, hey boy, good dog, you're so adorHOLYCRAPKILLITKILLITYOU'VEGOTTOKILLIT as it mutated into a huge three-headed cerberus. they're pretty tough to kill - and more and more little puppies continue to pop up while you're fighting it, so you have to take all of them out before they can mutate and you end up fighting a dozen enormous dogs that are spitting lava at you. so my dream of killing puppies in a video game has been realized - a dream i didn't know i had until i played it.

guitar hero: still great. GH2 developers - two words: Jethro Tull. let's make it happen.

playing symphony of destruction in GH brought back some great megadeth memories. i remember back in '94 when my favorite deth album, Youthanasia, was about to come out, and companies were just starting to pay attention to the web, their record company, Capitol, put up the first promo site for an album i'd ever seen. it was excellent - you could download song clips (albeit short ones, they were all .WAV's and i had hard disk space for about four of them), they had a telnet-based IRC-ish chatroom you could hang out in... fairly revolutionary for the time. i tried to find it on the wayback machine, but no love.

anyway. something came to me while thinking about those days... literally all of my favorite all-time albums - Weezer's first, STP's Purple, The Downward Spiral, Bad Religion's Stranger Than Fiction, Youthanasia, and of course Jar Of Flies - they all came out in 1994. so maybe the only reason they're all my favorites is that for one calendar year i was incredibly impressionable and the stuff i listened to a lot sunk in as my favorites. or maybe it was just a banner year.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

you just told old people that you can't wait until they die.
well, I guess it is Big Balls Wednesday.
man, i don't even have the guts to tell people to die.
by the way, 1994 wasn't a "banner year", that was 1993. 1994 was a "David Banner year".

Blogger Davie Says:

you should have seen Short Vine before/during/after the TI concert last night. a flood of cadillacs and suvs with shiny rims and really REALLY annoying bass, ignoring stop signs and any other traffic regulation. not to mention the swarms of people walking down the street, who apparently can only yell at the top of their lungs when they talk. fun stuff.

Anonymous Renee Says:

1994 was a banner year, but for all together different reasons for me. although i think the crow soundtrack probably received the highest rotation.

god of war: killing cerebus puppies LMAO! someone showed met he hydra.

we definitely have to get together and play ps2 and you can beat my ass!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

good call - the crow soundtrack, also a brilliant album, probably one of my fave sountracks from the 90's.

Blogger B-Call Says:

bingo, great disc. that's the weiner.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

don't forget: pearl jam-vitalogy, phish-hoist, over the rhine-eve...but 1993 kicked butt too...U2-Zooropa, SP-Siamese Dream, Radiohead-Pablo Honey, Counting Crows-August and Everything After, Pearl Jam-vs., Phish-Rift...

Blogger Davie Says:

nirvana - in utero, unplugged in new york were both 1994.

Blogger Davie Says:

err, in utero was '93.

Blogger Simon Says:

The reason the levy never passes is not because of stupid old people, it's because more than half the kids go to Catholic school! Damn them jews! What do they care that the levy fails, their kids won't suffer!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

sarcasm is difficult to communicate in a text-based medium.

*Addendum: I don't really want to kill puppies, or want all old people in the Northwest Local School District to die. I'm pretty sure Simon doesn't hate Jews, either. I could be wrong about that.

Blogger leslie Says:

my vote is impressionable!


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