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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


just a matter of how you solve them

normally i get frustrated and bitter when i see ads on TV about instant weight loss medication, home gym equipment, etc. my battle with getting back into shape has stalled for a while, mainly because i'm totally exhausted after work - the only time i can get myself out to do real exercise.

my weak lungs are still a factor, but the single mitigating factor has been the fact that i'm clueless, unorganized, and uncommitted to a real fight. i try, but generally in the most cut-corner way possible. as i lack any real discipline, i have to take measures like totally keeping coke out of the house, because if it's there i cannot prevent myself from drinking it, which kind of leaves renee S-O-L if she wants to have one every few days. i'm eating healthier than i ever have, but without consistent exercise it's not doing a whole lot of good. i haven't gained any weight in a really long time, but i'm not getting any better.

this afternoon i was inspired by geek, ex Tech-TV host, and blogger icon chris pirillo's recent weight loss tips article. inspired mostly because it wasn't published in FHM or Men's Health or something like that - it's from a dude, like me, who did it. a real actual success story. there is something precious in that connection for me, and i think for most humans.

i have a goal. i think it's reasonable, but with no real frame of reference i'm not sure how it'll work. i want to drop 40 by my birthday, october 13. that will require much more careful planning about what groceries we buy at the store (i.e. much less red meat and pasta); it'll require being more consistent at the gym... i've found that getting healthier stuff when we go out to lunch has actually been fairly easy, but somehow i need to keep the 'exceptions' to a minimum. dewey's calzones, for example, are very, very difficult to ignore.

let's see how long this kick lasts.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

its not gonna last very long once we learn how to deep fry our own twinkies.
can you imagine you and me with a couple boxes of twinkies and a deep frier???
mmmm... twinkie the kid.

Blogger B-Call Says:

not to mention that between now and your birthday, you have the greek festival AND oktoberfest.
good luck buddy.
hope you didn't count on any help from me.

Blogger MikeE Says:

I'd loose weight if I would actually eat anything that is healthy for me. Problem is I'm too picky.

Blogger scott d Says:

I'd like to lose 40 pounds between now and my birthday too... I've got 11 minutes... ready, set... ahh, screw it. Maybe by my next birthday.


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