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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


the roar of dust and diesel

today was most definitely a dire straits day, peppered by a little corrosion of conformity (whose lead singer's name, i just realized, is pepper keenan, totally unintentional and terrible pun).

did everyone else enjoy a long weekend that felt like a mini-summer-break? renee is on the verge of her first full-blown summer vacation following a full-time year, and she definitely got (some of) the rest she needed. we spent quite a bit of time in the car going to visit her family in indiana... her grandparents just clocked in at 60 years of marriage. hey, we're at ten months, watch yaself.

maybe it's naive. i have no doubt we will make it 60 years, assuming my lungs hold out past age 55. hey, maybe i can get some cybernetic framing to my lungs in the years to come. clearly, i've been reading too much neuromancer.

speaking of.. it's about time for a movie adaptation of that book. done by bryan singer it'd be action-hero-matrix-style. done by ridley scott (who could probably do it justice) i bet it'd be one of the most innovative scifi films ever. and i would love to play the finn.

seriously, i could cast that movie in my sleep. hollywood would throw keira knightley as molly, colin farrell or keanu as case, michael clarke duncan as armitage, and it would be a tragedy. human technology is just starting to dream about catching up with william gibson's vision, over twenty years after he thought it up.

sunday i tasted cincinnati. the secret ingredient is cucumber sauce.

so i think i'm allowed to at least say that the kuhns spawned a wonderful little boy today, but i won't say much more than that until i see if it's cool. talk to them if you're interested.

i was gonna talk a bit about bravo's laughable 100 funniest movies list, but it's kind of arbitrary. no one agrees with it.

i've run out of things to say once again.


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