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 no maps for these territories

in 2000 William Gibson rode in a car from LA to Vancouver with a camera pointed at him, and talked about his life, the stories he's written, and the way technology has changed and will change humanity. i can't tell if he's optimistic or not - the worlds he creates in his writings envision commercially-ruled wastelands, rampant crime and drug usage and american escapism and greed run amok throughout the world, but clearly that's mostly fiction to him, as he doesn't touch on that a whole lot. i enjoyed his thoughts on growing up in the 60's, and his perspective on his early work. he spends a few minutes knocking neuromancer for being immature - intercut with scenes of Bono reading from the first chapter.

the whole thing was kind of a surreal interview, but something i think i'll enjoy watching over and over. there's other stuff on the DVD that i haven't checked out yet, either - like a recording of Gibson reading from one of his books (i think it's All Tomorrow's Parties).

i think i'll be picking up the macbook this week. turns out renee's educator's discount gets us a decent amount off the price of the laptop, the ram upgrade, and makes the whole purchase tax exempt. and right away i'll be getting one of these to go along with it.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

so, you're pretty much going to buy a Trapper Keeper???


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