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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


and the wind screams mary

a friday night alone, while renee babysits. and blast, i'm out of gas for the grill. so i pan-grilled a burger, and mixed some jerk sauce in with the ground beef. topped it with some more jerk sauce and some monterey jack... perfect. almost perfect: needs onion, tomato, peppers...

headed to the gym. didn't spend enough time there.

over to tony's. watched soccer, played guitar hero, watched more soccer, played more guitar hero. multiplayer rules, BTW - each person plays alternating parts of the song. it's not lead/rhythm, but still an experience.

and then coming back home at 11, driving down rt. 50, windows down, a gorgeous night with a hint of cloud, listening to hendrix sing "will the wind ever remember / the names it has blown in the past / and with this crutch its old age and its wisdom / it whispers 'no this will be the last'...", just the city lights and my dashboard... a quiet beauty that drowns you in peace...


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Blogger MikeE Says:


"a friday night alone ... mixed some jerk sauce in with the ground beef"

I could say something about this, but I won't.


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