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standing in the back looking around

i credit the enigmatic alton brown, his show good eats and his books with a great deal of my inspiration in the love of cooking that i've discovered in the last couple years (dad being the other major influence). alton has quantified the cooking-as-an-art/cooking-as-a-science balance to the general public with the passion of a zealot. because of him i cook largely without recipies, choosing instead to wing it and concentrate more on time and heat instead of an extra milligram of salt.

that said, cooking like he does on good eats generally requires that you buy a hundred dollars worth of equipment per episode, own three grills, have a butcher living next door and order obscure spices weekly from the internet. i usually have to ghettofy his concepts for a kitchen with half the gear and no fresh spices.

so i'm excited about his upcoming series feasting on asphalt, where he goes cross country on his hog and talks about various places and their unique chow, history, etc. it sounds fascinating and a refreshing change from good eats. it's on at the end of july (although the Tivo's only up to july 3 in programming guides, so remind me)...


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Blogger B-Call Says:

I just can't get with good eats. the show's too flashy with all kinds of wacky tidbits and crap that i don't need. i just want to see what's being cooked. that's all. i hope his new show is better.
i'll give him credit though, he's better than that obnoxious sellout rachel ray. she drives me crazy. especially now that she's whored herself out to oprah and has a magazine.

Blogger ryanham Says:

I love Good Eats because of the science in it. Plus he kinda reminds me of a "Bill Nye" of the food industry.

His gadgets may cost some money, but there's only one "single-tasker" in his kitchen, and that's the fire extinquisher.

Anonymous artie Says:

Love it.

Blogger B-Call Says:

wait, who was that?

Blogger Davie Says:

i saw Good Eats for the first time today. not bad. he was doing an episode on toast.

rachael ray, on the other hand, is incredibly annoying.

Blogger MikeE Says:

OT: Macbook Pro batteries swelling


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