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signs was on TV this weekend. wonderful, because my DVD disappeared a few years ago, and i've sorely missed it. i'm a fan of shyamalan's work - i don't know if i enjoy signs or unbreakable more, but both are very powerful stories of people coming from a place of disillusion and heartbreak and emptiness to a place of belief - with david in unbreakable it's to a belief that his life has meaning beyond the mundane existence he's used to; with graham in signs it's that the events of his life aren't a swirl of random occurences or a cruel trick by a mean-spirited God, but something more. i think shyamalan does it because he gets that everyone can identify with that deep part of our lives, and he knows it'll draw his audience in successfully.

which is a testament to the human soul, what we're all looking for, why we get sucked in to those stories. i think someone watches signs and maybe for a second it opens a door in them that they peek into momentarily... and where do they go with what they see? what will drive them to take that glance and the discovery they've made about what they want out of life, to go find an answer?

does it take a radical event to drive a person to the kind of faith that graham discovers in this film? there was never really a foundation-shattering event for me - a gradual disilluionment with how my life was led me to a place where i learned what i wanted (love, completeness, purpose, acceptance, belonging)... gave me enough time to figure out that i couldn't pull it off, to feel complete on my own... and as i was approaching the point where i didn't think i'd ever be really happy... i guess it wasn't a coincidence that i was around some people that met a guy that could make it all work.

joaquin phoenix would make a great batman villain, don't you think?

sweet action, night's got a new one coming out called lady in the water, with the excellent paul giamatti. july 21, pwn!


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Blogger Austin Says:

shyamamalamalanaman is awesome.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

naga.. naga... not gonna work here anymore

Blogger ryanham Says:

Had a discussion about him and his movies this past week with some guys here in idaho. We came to the conclusion that if you didn't read comic books as a kid (or ever), then you wouldn't appreciate unbreakable as much as someone who had. This conversation was spawned by one guy saying he really didn't like unbreakable but he liked the other movies...he hasn't ever read a comic book once.


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