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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


don't it feel like sunshine after all

i thought it'd be near impossible to find a city in America more humid than cincinnati... these guys have it pegged. although it's not totally unpleasant - there's kind of a gym-swimming-pool feel to the air now. i haven't seen the sun for one minute, though, just the way i like it.

despite that, it feels bright and cheerful driving around the southern parts of the city, which is why jimmy eat world's the world we love feels like it was written about this place, and it made great driving music while heading out to dinner tonight. i was feeling like italian, so at hamrick's request i hit up della notte and enjoyed some fettucini and shrimp.

you put a bunch of antisocial security geeks and ex-hacker kids in a big hotel with executive-levels and management and you get a very interesting oil-and-water thing. deep down i'm mostly a loner, prefering solitude over company - which is why i love this little hotel room overlooking the city. so at the conference, i'm one of the guys sitting by himself, reading, checking mail, trying not to look hostile but at the same time trying to look like i don't want anyone to talk to me. the few people that engaged me today did get a friendly response, but i tried to avoid extended conversation because i end up babbling, trying to sound more experienced and world-traveled than i am.

i also find myself feeling perfectly at home in this profession - constantly looking over my shoulder to see who's watching my keystrokes; keeping my bags zipped up and close to me at all times; ssh-tunneling all of my connections to anywhere, and checking both of my host-based firewall's logs every half-hour or so. the seminars today were decent; tomorrow's look about as interesting, including a roundtable discussion on CVSS, which FIRST developed (and i wrote a paper on).


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Blogger Rob Says:

i agree. i traveled up to hershey, pa a couple months ago and i much enjoyed being off on my own then being with the rest of the group.

Blogger B-Call Says:

humid? you ever been to New Orleans in July? check that out and then get back to me son.
clearly, you should have taken Simon and I on your trip. we're much better company. plus, we would ask only the dumbest questions.

Blogger Simon Says:

You need to go to Houston...
I thought Texas was dry! But I was there last month and I think I was swimming through the air it was so thick! And on top of that, it was 90+ degrees!


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