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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


i've got a torrid story

bruce schneier is speaking right now, and i'm a little disappointed that he spent so much time on the economics of security - straight from his recent wired article - instead of focusing on his original topic "hacking the business culture".

although it's been par for the course, most of the keynotes and presentations here have been showcasing the problems of incident response in security and doing little to demonstrate solutions.

it's been a fun week, but i'm ready to come home. i was planning to hit up camden last night but i ended up staying in - my attention span of trying new crap in this city has expired. surprised it lasted as long as it did. i did have a very tasty burger yesterday at five guys - all the toppings you want on it for free, what a novel idea.

tonight i gotta crash early. btw, if you're ever here, don't stay at the wyndham hotel, cause it sucks. big steve bragg is bringing me home from Der Lufthansa tomorrow. back to the nasty nati, truly the greatest city in america.

(quick note re:apple - they finally admitted that the discoloration issue is really a defect and not just dirty users. ha!)


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Blogger ryanham Says:

Man, I didn't think they had a five guys up there...good eats. Greasy, but good.

Yeah, and the toppings are actually good.


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