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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


my ammunition won't load into my gun

weird dreams again last night, and i remembered them all this time. i'm clearly affected by what i see right before i go to sleep, which is why in the first one i was working at a young life camp held at a giant irish castle where the program team was run by chef George Duran of Ham On The Street. he was having kids jump off a waterslide and fall about 20 feet into the moat. one of the kids bashed his head open when hit the rocks at the bottom, and died instantly. George flipped out and ran away, and although i was floating in the water, i had a cell phone on me, which i promptly waved around and screamed "someone call 911!" because apparently i was incapable of doing so myself?

number two: renee and i are teaching a high-school english class together. we're student teachers and we're working with an older english teacher that doesn't show up, so we try to make up a lesson on the spot. i ask some of the kids to start singing a song - any song - and then after a few notes i ask them why they picked that song. everyone - including renee - stares at me like i'm totally crazy. realizing that my lesson plan sucks, i crawl under the teacher's desk and tell renee to teach something. then i crawl back into the back of the classroom and sit in a desk with the kids, trying to make her think i'm a student.

number three has me on the field at a football stadium, barefoot, with no gear on, surrounded by a few dozen people about two feet taller than me. we're playing a quick practice game, and the coach (Jeff Combs from Star Trek DS9, Justice League, the 4400, etc) keeps staring me down like he wants me off the field. so i leave, wander around the stadium, etc. til one of the other dudes on the team finds me and tells me that Coach wants me to come out and kick a field goal. since i don't have any shoes and i'm no Rich Karlis, i find the coach and tell him i should probably be on the offensive line, not kicking. he shakes his head, hands me the ball, and lines me up in front of the uprights... and i'm awake.

the force is strong with this one: renee and i beat lego star wars last night - and the last battle is a lightsaber duel between anakin and obi-wan. she was anakin and i was obi-wan, and let's just say it ended a little differently than the movie - i got housed in a lightsaber duel with my wife.

sometimes i'm outright shocked by how well-educated our legislative branch is. for example, did you know that the internet is a series of tubes? fascinating!

i'm not saying that senator stevens should be a CCIE. clearly, to send email messages ("internets"), your average joe doesn't need to know the inner workings of routing tables or SMTP. but these people are passing legislation that affects how american businesses operate, affects how I use the internet. please, at least try to manage a semblance of competence, fool us into thinking you have a clue about what you're controlling. at least have a staffer spend five minutes on google, scripting you a speech that gets the terms correct. certainly don't try to sound authoritative, like you are edumacating your fellow senators on the mysterious workings of newfangled technology.


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Blogger MikeE Says:

I agree that they shouldn't be super smart when it comes to the internet or networking. That way I'm able to charge more for my services!

Blogger Rob Says:

The second dream gave me a good laugh...

I had a dream a couple nights ago that completely freaked me out. I was in that stage where you're only partially asleep. I had cancer, and I was laying in my bed and someone gave me a shot that I thought was suppose to help me, but in turn it was to kill me to put me out of my misery. And I'm fighting to stay alive and I'm trying to raise my head and keep my eyes open, but I couldnt do it. I started breathing really fast and I started praying, thinking I was about to die, and then I woke up.

It was one of my more uplifting dreams.

Blogger B-Call Says:

I had a dream last night. That I was sleeping next to my new DS lite instead of my wife.
Oh wait, I wasn't dreaming.
Mariokart DS for LIFE!!!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

brain, if someone breaks into your house in the next few days and ganks your DS lite.. it wasn't me.

Blogger B-Call Says:

don't worry about breaking in between the hours of 8am and 7pm cuz it'll be with me here at work beeotch!

Blogger ryanham Says:

Damn you for getting a DS Lite and having a PSP, and me not having either!

Blogger B-Call Says:

yours is in the mail. go out by the mailbox and wait. its comin'. just keep on a waitin'. waitin', waitin', waitin.


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