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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


smile at the world

i have to admit, i'm not sorry we didn't have square dancing at my reception. that said, doing the virginia reel at ian and megan's on friday did make me miss summers at rockbridge, and it did align well with the spirit of the evening. the two of them looked like they were about a sneeze from cracking up during their entire ceremony. i imagine that'll be how it is the rest of their lives, though.

my first experience watching bronson arroyo pitch on saturday wasn't as thrilling as i expected - he gave up three in the first, almost hit a guy... the guy's a machine, though, and had thrown around 50 pitches by the third. good save by bill bray, which shut up the annoying braves fan sitting in front of us pretty quick. the guy kept standing up and clapping at random intervals, blocking renee from seeing anything on field.

enjoyed some trivia up at d&b on saturday. see if you can get this question that made us collapse hysterically:

Which of these is a part of the female anatomy?
  • ovary
  • bogina
  • eucharist
if you guessed bogina, you're correct!

i tried to get through harold ramis' the ice harvest on sunday, but it failed to capture my attention after 40 minutes so i dropped the axe. john cusack seems to have turned into a parody of himself lately. i haven't seen him really shine since high fidelity. has anyone ever seen max, where he plays hilter's art teacher? that always looked like an interesting role.

i've officially given up pan frying stuff. i can't control the heat (and therefore the oil temperature) effectively enough on the stove to be able to do it right, and as a result things are either totally overdone (see last night's perch) or nowhere near (see the fried chicken from a few weeks ago). i have a deep fryer for a reason, might as well just get more use out of that.


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Blogger Bragg Says:

pan frying = a need to listen. when the cracklin' gets too fast, it's too hot. when there isn't enough cracklin', it's not hot enough and it'll take longer to cook.

also, use medium to medium high flame, never use high heat. never.

but if you got a fryer, why not use it?

Blogger Bragg Says:

and yes, i said cracklin'!!!

Blogger Simon Says:

Bogina! That's classic. I don't even know what a bogina is and aparently neither does Google, but that's almost as funny as the seinfeld episode (Deloris).

Blogger Nickolini Says:

Why is ovary wrong???
Anyone catch Bronson Arroyo's band at the Southgate House last night? Just wondering. I heard him on the radio singing Pearl Jam's "Black," sounded decent. Don't know that I would pay to see him.
We had a gas range at the old house...it's the only way to pan fry. Electric is a pain. We have a deep fryer and used to fry up some catfish a lot. GOOOOD EATIN'.


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