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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


glaciers melting in the dead of night

i have like four album reviews to write, but i'm putting them off until i get a chance to actually listen to them all a few times. we've had a product review summit at work for two days, so no time to sit and listen to stuff while working.

so random crap:

KMFDM is coming to bogart's in october if anyone's interested. fantastic live show that my sister and i went to last year, and i can't wait to see 'em again.

chris cornell is doing the song for the new Bond flick, Casino Royale. he's also doing another solo album, thank goodness.

The State, one of the best sketch comedy shows in history, is coming to DVD soon. finally. i've been seriously considering the just-released animaniacs set. or the $300 west wing complete series set. bravo gave up on constant reruns, unfortunately.

and finally, there is mad Bob Ross on youtube, tasty.


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Anonymous Quentin Says:

The State is finally coming to DVD?!!!!


Blogger ryanham Says:

Dude, animaniacs..

I saw that dvd set and am seriously considering getting it as well. I could skip the Pinky and the Brain set, but it is good humor too. Animaniacs had such great subtle humor, I loved it.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

yeah that's one thing i loved about animaniacs - my little brother could watch it and laugh at the silliness, and i could laugh at the jokes that were aimed much higher than little kids.

i mean, come on, they had a pigeon-filled parody of goodfellas! i thought it was funny when i was 15 and i hadn't even seen that movie.


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