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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


i ain't never scared

have you seen sam adams? that's a big dude. the guy looks like bone crusher. now there'd be a supplement to the defensive line. plus he can rap. sort of.

i'm very ready for some preseason football tomorrow night. news out of training camp gives the impression that the bengals have gotten some solid depth at a lot of positions that needed it... heard some good reviews of anthony wright, although everyone's still secretly holding out hope that carson will start the opener. i doubt it'll happen - the guy's only human, after all, it's been eight months since his surgery, so nothing against him at all. if anyone can do it, he can. he'll probably saddle up a few weeks in.

i also hear they're thinking of giving chris perry a little more equality with rudi on the run this season, getting him some more runs, and i'm all for that - one of my biggest gripes with bob bratkowski last season was the persistence in just giving it to rudi, even though he got stuffed 75% of the time. much love for rudi - but when your only tool is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

so tony got me started on resident evil 4 last month. i tried hard to get into it - it's just too slow-moving for me, despite the amazing reviews it got. i don't work well in games where my guy runs as slowly as the zombies chasing him, and i have to worry as much about running out of room in my inventory as i do getting killed. i put a few more hours into it last night, and wasn't any more interested. dead rising seems to be more of my style when it comes to zombies.

six days till snakes, people. can you feel it?


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Blogger Rob Says:

I just finished playing Resident Evil 4 for the cube. I thought it was great. The graphics alone were impressive, and once you beat it you unlock side games that are pretty intense.

The game does go on FOREVER, so take that as you will.


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