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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


i'm a war of head versus heart

death cab is appropriate driving music after getting my face handed to me during poker after work. i tried stabbing westward initially but found i was getting too angry.

i'm sure they'll try to make it a regular game, and as much as i want to hang out with everyone, i'm not ready to get back into this type of mood too frequently.

i can't blame the cards, although the frequency of which i get bad cards is astonishing. i guess everyone else is just good at bluffing with their bad hands, and i'm not. no, i just have awful judgement and i can't seem to get past it, even after years of trying.

here's a good example. i start out with four or five low hands, nothing higher than an eight, no pairs, no straight or flush draws. it starts to pick up, i get J-10, Q-7, etc and try to win a few hands, but they're useless because the table cards are all low and people are winning with two-pair. so my stack starts to slump, and i decide that i won't play the hand unless i've got at least a face card and a nine or ten, minimum. so my next hand is K-3, and i fold it after the 5-2-J flop. the turn and river are both kings. it's one of two hands the entire hour that i had a chance of winning.

the entire game looks like that. every game i play looks like that. sometimes i feel like going costanza, playing the hand in the completely opposite way that my instincts tell me to. i tried that once, though, and the strategy bombed the second time out. so once again i find myself asking why i even bother picking up the hand.

man, i'm pathetic.


for this post

Blogger B-Call Says:

yeah, but there'll be someone special calling to give you a special greeting sometime soon.
you'll know what i'm talking about.
that'll pick you up.

Blogger ryanham Says:

I did that to Jeri and she didn't even listen to it.

She hung up because she said it "freaked her out".



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