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wired's got an article generating some buzz on whether the PS3 will stop sony's sad decline, or if it's the final nail in their coffin.

personally, i think anyone who drops $600 on a PS3 is either mentally ill, or Scrooge McDuck. consumers didn't follow when neo-geo asked for disgusting amounts of money, and i doubt many will follow sony - with the exception of sony fanboys and clueless parents who, a year later, buy their kids their first Benz.

how quickly the tides turn. ten years ago, sony was emerging as the leader, trouncing sega and nintendo. now everyone's looking at them like the loud drunk guy at a party, acting the fool, thinking they're behaving completely reasonably.

wired makes a point that i think cannot be understated: a significant contributor to sony's long downward spiral has been their continual backing of proprietary technology that they control. you have to feel bad for them, almost. days when i find myself making dumb decisions driven purely by emotion, or making statements i'm not sure are true, and having them end up being wrong, i flushed, frustrated, and ashamed for a while.

so i can't imagine sony management's sheepishness at getting dissed consistently over the years - on beta, minidisc, UMD, ATRAC-3, and now likely blu-ray. they are a historical case study in the preference of the consumer - we want interoperability, standards, commonality, not only because it's cheaper, but because it gives us more choice. we don't want proprietary formats, even if they provide some advantages over the standard ones.

(darkwing duck = still better than ducktales)


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Blogger B-Call Says:

don't start.
i will beat that a**!

Blogger ryanham Says:

Why was sony the leader ten years ago? Because the PS1 was CHEAP, and had the best graphics of the time (*best meaning most realistic). It was priced the same as the competing systems, and was seen as better by many.

The PS3, priced at $600 should be the best option out there, but it's not. Plus, $600 is out of the price range of many MANY people. The 360 price is even pushing it.

It's probably priced so high because they're foolishly bundling blu-ray into the platform, instead of keeping them seperate, in the hopes that putting it with their popular gaming platform will force people to "adopt" it.

They've survived worse, they won't go under, but they'll be at least third in the console wars now behind Nintendo and Microsoft (in that order after the Wii).

Mark my words, PS2 owners will be looking at the Wii when it comes out as an upgrade.

Blogger Bragg Says:

the propriatary hardware and compatibility issues is pretty much the sole reason i went with the hp instead of the sony when i bought my laptop. well, that and the price point. i couldn't justify dropping the extra $350 just so i could watch blu-ray discs. by the time my hp craps out, that $350 will have gone toward a new machine that will perform as well for my needs. just my $.02 worth

Blogger The Barber Says:

Darkwing Duck has nothing on the greatest cartoon ever made. You simply need to watch them side by side to see the superiority of Ducktales.

Anonymous artie Says:

Right on.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Justin, I thought you'd appreciate this comic:

Blogger ryanham Says:

I just saw a Ducktales Collection in Best Buy...ALMOST bought it, but I'm saving my pennies for an upcoming trip.


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