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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


we got to to move these refrigerators

if you're looking for a tasty beverage, you should check out UDF's tropical freeze. b turned me on to them today - it's strawberry, pineapple, and orange sherbet mixed with either lemonade or fruit punch (i tried the latter). i dig their orange cream freezes, and IMHO the tropical is superior.

we've taken a couple trips down to the sonic on montgomery too, their menu piled high with interesting-looking drinks. i've had a couple of their watermelon cream slushes, which are similar to a UDF freeze but a little thicker and much tastier.

huh. what else is up. i was back at the doctor last week, looking for any further potential explanations for the coughing thing. you may recall that i've been coughing stuff up for nearly five years now. i've been to five different doctors, had my tonsils out, tried at least a dozen prescription allergy and antibiotic medications, multiple diagnostic tests on my lungs and sinuses... i've been on allergy shots for a year, which have done much to clear up almost all of my other allergies... but this problem still persists.

i wonder if a house-esque diagnostician practices somewhere in the tri-state area. everyone else seems to be clueless.

oh oh oh oh sweet child of miiiieeeiiine


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Blogger ryanham Says:

I know what the problem may be...you have a bearclaw lodged in your windpipe.

Common problem, Tommy Boy and myself had the same problem.

Blogger B-Call Says:

Thou shalt talk no smack on the UDF orange freeze.
This sounds like a challenge to me.


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