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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


blame it on the victory

there go my expectations for the season. after watching us put 131 points on our preseason opponents, the naively hopeful piece of my brain is thinking we'll be 6-1 by the end of october. the pessimist says we'll be 3-4, and the realist 4-3 (L's to pittsburgh, new england and either KC or carolina). what do you think?

two weeks in and i've managed to stay in the running with my gym goal. last week i went four times, and i did #3 for this week this afternoon. i'm finding my endurance for cardio stuff slowly extending, and i'm able to lift a little more without my arms shaking. no noticeable physical improvements yet, although the scale says i've dropped a few. hmm.

you may remember some past posts of mine that discuss a disconnect with my church, a desire to become more a part of the community there. like an ingrown toenail, i like to think. i've also talked about leading a study or joining one to accomplish that goal. been praying for a while on that, and renee and i have had a few discussions about it, but i've kind of been holding off... not sure why, honestly, i keep thinking we'll get to investigating it soon, but honestly i was sort of afraid to walk into the office of our church's discipleship minister and tell him i wanted to lead a study. i also knew i didn't want us to elbow our way into an existing one. it went back burner until this wednesday, when chris travis, the lifespring westside pastor, asked renee and i to step in and lead an existing study. it seems my laziness and indifference has paid off, because the circumstances are very cool - two of the three couples were oak hills young life parents.

the couples are all older than us (in their 40's), so i'm anticipating just facilitating discussion versus trying to teach these folks anything. the study is thursday night, no word yet on when we start, but i'm pretty excited to get back into the game, as it were.


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Anonymous artie Says:

That's cool dude. Who are the other couples?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

the taylors and the richardsons... you remember katie & josh taylor and heather richardson?

Blogger The Barber Says:

Glad to see you found a place to challenge yourself again. Sounds like God has a need for you to fill.

On the Bengals. I agree about KC and possibly New England, but I am not completely sure about Carolina. I also think we will be so fired up about Pitt that we might blow them out.

On the Exercise, please feel free to ask any questions to enhance improvement. I may not look like a physical specimen, but I know a great deal more on why those who are, have acheived that goal. Exercise prescription is to me as Computers and video games are to you.

I also have to lose 55 pounds over the next three and a half months (it was more but I lost six last week), so we might be able to do somethings (outside the gym) together. (Ex: Paintball with the guys, Going to Mike's Bach party and getting you wasted then making you work it all out for two hours, you know normal stuff)

Blogger leslie Says:


how is the study going?


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