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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


nothing seems to kill me

i have a problem.

i've always been fairly sensitive, and i get defensive (mostly under the skin, but sometimes externally) when i get corrected, someone tells me i'm wrong about something... it's a little different from an opinion-driven argument, which i actually enjoy - this happens when i go know-it-all, answer a question that i don't really know the answer to, usually to prove that i'm useful or skilled or knowledgeable... and someone else that actually knows what they're talking about steps in.

obviously i bring this on myself... my desperate drive to matter, to be needed, 90% of the time leads me instead to frustration, disappointment, a vibe i can't shake for a while. and recently it's gotten worse. i've just recently realized i'm doing it, and now, self-consciously i see it happen several times a day. i don't let things go. i can't keep my mouth shut. it makes me angry at the people who i feel have offended me - when they've done nothing wrong - and it especially is tough with renee, who gets surprised when i sound hurt after she's asked me a simple question.

my hope is that the last week or so of this being in the forefront of my mind is God's work at rooting out this flawed piece of my personality. it's certainly in there deep.

bah. enough of the public self-psychoanalysis.

itunes 7 is out today, sporting a more sensible, organized interface, a stolen Coverflow feature, and auto-download of album art for missing albums (about nine months too late).

the big addition is movies on the itunes store. they're poised to make a killing on this, unfortunately encouraging the idea that a digitally downloaded movie is worth $10 - one i'm not allowed to burn to the most common format portable video format, a DVD.

the new shuffle is, honestly, too small for my tastes... my stick-of-gum-shaped shuffle is the perfect size. however the new nanos, they're slick looking.

oh yeah.. that reminds me.

the mars volta - amputechture

so after two spins of this, i'm bored. not three years ago these guys knocked me on my face with de-loused, and this disc feels... stale. radical in comparison to your average rock band, true, and john frusciante tears it up on a few tracks... not bad, the disc sounds great, just as polished, i guess for guys like this you expect to be floored and instead it's a smoother, more mellow, almost lazy ride through most of the disc. i have love/hate relationships with different tracks on their last two discs, but this one i'm just blah about.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

that new shuffle is sillysmall.
i'd lose that thing, for real. or worse, i'd confuse it with something like a pretzel, cookie or donut and swollow it.

Blogger Bragg Says:

You should check out Fuller's blog post today. There's a connection with the beginning half of your post and what he's writing.

Thanks for the updates on what I need to take care of. I know I can always get the updates and fixes because you remind me.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Justin, don't worry, I'm coming to town to question your authority in all matters.

You better recognize!

Security Seschmurity!

Anonymous Artie Says:

I agree, $10 for a movie is a rip. I think the set-top netflix thing sounds a lot more promising. All this just reminds me that this debate between HDDVD and BluRay is stupid 'cause neither will be able to beat downloading the content.


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