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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


let those big words come right out

i just watched myself do it. like it wasn't me, i was across the room, shocked at how enormous of a geek i am.

i started to download album cover images and add them to the profile for each album in itunes, so they'd show up on the ipod.

there are 587 albums on my ipod.

i actually had the thought "if i do one letter a day, i can do them all in a month!"


i have the "A"s done. and the numbers (2001, 311, etc)

i made my first homebrew video for use on the small screen tonight - a new-ish ATHF. the screen is noticeably sharper than the PSP (probably cause it's half the size), but it lags for several seconds if you skip ahead using the scroll wheel. the whole process did take a total of 70 minutes for a 30 minute show - 35 for the transfer from my tivo, 5 for the decode using directshow dump, and another 30 for the transcode to the ipod's MPEG4 codec and resolution. doesn't seem much worth it, right? the things i'll do for free content.

so i made a ridiculous manicotti dish from scratch tonight. i seem to have officially mastered ricotta + mozzarella + parmesan as a deadly combination. i couldn't believe it was as good as it was. normally my italian dishes are hella bland. but hey, mister pibb + red vines = crazy delicious.

been on a peter gabriel kick for a week or two. i own one album - so from 1986. thinking about what else to try, if i should go older (to security) or newer (to up). any gabriel fans out there (besides john cusack)? what's your call?


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Blogger mr. e Says:

I'm the king of this. I'm currently going through most of my bookmarks to see if they have an RSS feed and adding them to Bloglines if they do.

The next thing you can do is give every song a rating. If you gave them ratings you could create smart playlists based on the ratings. Selffff-cccoooonnntrrrooolll.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I have three of his CD's:

Passion, Shaking the Tree, and Up

If you would like to borrow them.


Blogger Justin Hall Says:

ed: thanks for making me feel better :)

dad: i should have known you'd have some of his stuff, yes, i'm definitely borrowing them

Blogger B-Call Says:

587 albums?!?
I can't even begin to think of 587 albums. That gives me a headache.
YOU, my friend, have a problem.

Blogger Rob Says:

you make me humble with me 350 cds

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

So the question is: Was it worth the time to get your free content?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

ak: absolutely. however it hasn't been worth it to add album art in itunes, as it randomly doesn't show up on the ipod. dumbness.

Blogger David Amulet Says:

Clearly go older. I recommend his third solo album, which like the first two was titled Peter Gabriel (he certainly saved his creative juices for the music and lyrics).

If you like the atmospheres of his music as much as or more than his lyrics, then go for Passion, his soundtrack album for The Last Temptation of Christ. Stunning.


-- david

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

by the way - i'm not crazy for doing this... last night i was at tony & sara hudson's and sara had just gone through the same process on her ipod... and she had the same problem i did, with some albums randomly not showing up.


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