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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


some people cry and some people die

"sorry man, hope you didn't need that ACL."

absolute heartbreak. thanks, kimo von oelhoffen, for the cheap shot at your former team. it was probably just a reflex for the guy... still, one twist of carson's leg and our season collapsed.

i'm proud of their run and optimistic about next year. brad johansen said it best, though, there's no closure - we could have won that game with carson. when our weak offensive line started to collapse, kitna scrambled around like a frightened squirrel - carson wouldn't have done that. although kitna did great considering the pressure of the situation. it just wasn't enough. poor carson.

so my old gen-2 ipod did some bucket-kicking last week... picked up a replacement - a 30GB video. the excitement was less than palpable - i really could have done without the video feature, honestly. compared to the PSP, the video capabilities are pretty sad (with the sole exception of having 10GB of space for videos instead of 1). the screen is big and beautiful... but the interface seems to really drag. hey, what do you know, an apple product with an OS that drags. huh. where my gen-2 was quick and responsive, i feel like i have to wait on this one. we'll see how well it's working battery-wise after a month.

so the government spying thread made things rather interesting for a while. maybe we should tackle some more stuff! the death penalty! abortion! xbox360 vs. the playstation 3 vs. the revolution! bring the pain.


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Blogger Rob Says:

good lord no more politics for a while, please....

the only reason kitna had to run around so much was that none of our wide receivers could get open. he did a good job of making something out of nothing on most plays. except for the fumble. but the high snap messed up that play completely.

J....i'm looking to buy either an 30G Ipod or a 40GB creative labs mp3 player or a 30GB philips mp3 player. any suggestions on what to get. should i get the IPod, or am I just paying for the name? I'm not huge on the video feature, I'm looking more onlong the lines of getting something to store all my music on it and then just have the cd's for backup.

any suggestions?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i don't know, man, seems like kitna got spooked. not the strongest passer in the world and whatnot... although he looked much better than normal during much of the game.

anyway. i checked out a few creative labs players (no hands-on with the philips though), and none of them have the intuitive ipod interface, and the ipod + itunes combo, while still being slow-as-crap apple software, is tough to beat. if you don't care much about ease-of-use in the interface, though, i would say that's apple's most significant benefit in the market. you are definitely paying for the brand. if that doesn't appeal to you, renee's creative labs 20GB mp3 player outlasted my old gen-2 and is still kicking (although she uses it about 1/10th the amount i have). i love their products.

don't buy a dell DJ - they cost as much as an ipod with a terrible interface.

Blogger Davie Says:

i don't know, must of the time kitna was scrambling, he was looking up field, but finding no one. i have to give the guy props for how he performed. but i completely agree, with palmer in there, we would have won. it was the same story when he got hurt against NE last year.

Blogger Rob Says:

thanks justin

Blogger B-Call Says:

who knows if they would have won with palmer in the game. the defense still gave up 31 points. kimo DIDN'T roll up on carson on purpose though. i'm glad they kept carson out of the KC game for fear of injury. that was worth it.

Blogger dougie Says:

I wasn't too impressed with Kitna. Yeah there was a ton of pressure. But that's part of the job as a backup. He's (Kitna) way too easy too read and too easily spooked. He knows who's supposed to get the ball and doesn't look at anyone else. If Kevin Walter isn't open, then he scrambles and gets sacked.

Blogger Davie Says:

Kitna was rolling away from pressure, because his line was giving him no time. hell, the guy was even breaking tackles in the backfield. he'd prolong some plays by rolling out, but he never had any targets. hard to do anything when no one's open. but he does need to learn to throw it away a little more.

but you know his run for a first down, when he smacked through two steelers, sending Poole (or was it Foote) to the ground was great.

they did say that in the history of the playoffs, only two backup QBs have ever come in during a game to lead their team to a victory.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

yeah, and one of em was flutie :)

i agree, the first rush he had for first down, where he just smacked into those dudes, that was beautiful. kitna's a beefy dude :)

Blogger mr. e Says:

These cleaver remarks about the 30 GB iPod are just a symptom of something deeper. You just hate all things Apple!! Apple protects this country from Terrorists. Why don't you move to island where all computers run Windows and take your anti-Apple comments with you!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

an island where all computers run Windows ... it'd be Lord Of The Flies in about twenty minutes

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

hey - the Creative Labs Zen Vision:M won best in show at CES. apparently it's pretty sweet.

Blogger Rob Says:

hmm....the only thing that irks me is the video capability...i'm not really big on it.

is some of that space designated for just video? like, if 10GB was for video, and 20 was for music. is that how it works?

oh, and are you sure it was flutie that won as a backup? i know that bledsoe was one of them, but i forget what the second one was, and i didnt think it was flutie.

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