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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


all out war on complacent consent

as much as i enjoy the lively debate about the united states government ignoring its own laws at will, hey, there's a really really important Windows patch out there that you need to install RIGHT NOW, especially if you're running Windows XP. RIGHT NOW.

hey, italics have worked well lately. RIGHT NOW.

get it here. please. i've already seen the damage exploits that use this vulnerability can do. it's vicious. patch away.

anyway. continue to discuss in the comments under the previous post.


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Blogger Simon Says:

Just so you're all clear on what this is...

This is Justin's little way of monitoring us. He makes you think that your computer is at risk and tells you to download this extremely critical patch. But what he's really having you do is download a program that allows him to see everything you are doing...

J, why you got a problem with Bush doing the same thing you do to us???

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

you caught me! i got a keylogger hosted on a microsoft server. i'm watching everything you're doing. bush is my role model, so naturally i'm following in the man's footsteps...

simon... taiwanese midgets? really? how many times can you go to that web page?

Blogger ryanham Says:

But who's going to monitor the monitors?


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