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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


this is just the prologue


RIP John Spencer. life imitates art imitates life.

john brought leo mcgarry to life on the west wing - a portrait of loyalty to the death, and of hope. his words about recovering from alcoholism were inspiring and humbling... both in real life and in the character he played. but moreso was how he acted out leo's relationship with president bartlet - two guys that had been friends for decades, that knew each other inside and out... and both ready and willing to do anything to take care of the other.

i watched my favorite WW episode bartlet for america - leo reminisces about getting jed to run for president. thinking back about supporting and defending his best friend for years while he faces a congressional committee determined to humiliate and dishonor him in front of the entire country - because he wants to protect the president. at the end of the episode the president gives him a gift - the napkin, framed, with "bartlet for america" written on it that leo brought to jed - which got the campaign started. leo breaks down in tears. knocks me over every time i watch it - the incredible commitment to his friend, the depth of their relationship... we'll miss you, john.


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Can you email me your address? JeriNHam@one.net

Blogger Will Says:

that was an awesome episode!


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